Sisters + Polkadots

While we were moving in a few weeks ago I did a major closet clean out (like three suitcases and four boxes of stuff set to drop off at Goodwill) but decided to let it hang around long enough for my sisters to sort through it after Christmas. So, what does sorting through boxes of clothes naturally lead to? Sunday photo shoots.

Just a few shots of the three Earnshaw girls (and a baby bump): 
^yeah, it’s a little crazy that we managed to pull all three of these outfits from my past/current closet (but not as crazy as trying to get any of these skirts over my third trimester belly)
^one of these waists is not like the others šŸ™‚
^Aunt Maddie called me throughout the second trimester making sure I was talking to the baby daily, eating the right nutrients, and playing mozart (I had to inform her they disproved any connection between mozart and increased intelligence…but she insisted on it anyway šŸ™‚ Maddie also calls the baby “Gordie” (and it’s caught on with everyone other than Ben)…it is a long story that has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re actually naming our child. We’ll call it his “womb name” — that can be a thing, right? 
^dance parties are a regular occurrence with us – I think it’s a natural bond of people that grew up sharing a bathroom (but at least pictures in these we’re wearing pants….well…skirts). 
Sometimes it blows my mind how different my life experience is than my sisters because of where we fall in our family. To be in high school and have an older sister who is having a BABY? So weird.  To not have little siblings around? Also weird. Part of me wants these two to stay little forever (I still like to think they’re 6 and 8)…and the other half of me wants them to grow up, get married, and have kids stat so baby G will have cousins his age and we can chat about mom things šŸ™‚ 
Come back and steal my clothes anytime you two šŸ™‚

ps. everything other than the polkadot skirt went to my sisters’ closets (or a goodwill box) – it’s made out of a weird thick curtain-like material but it’s one of my favorites


  1. LOVE these pictures. you guys are darling. aren't sisters the BEST!

  2. These are just so darn adorable. Your baby bump is just the cutest, and so are all of these outfits.

  3. I love these colors together! And I love your sisters. They're the best!

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