Ship Life

Remember that fun cruise we took in March? Well, I shared all about the fun places we stopped, but almost nothing about all the fun we had on the boat! Here are just a few snapshots we took while on board. 
^^leaving Tampa
^^our first afternoon on the ship as we left port 

^^sunset on the ship, right before our first dinner onboard 

^^I loved watching the sunsets each night before dinner

^^enjoy the pool area

^^a few private islands off of key west (our first port)

^^blue skies for days
sunglass selfie 😛 

One of the highlights of ship life was the fun Dancing With the Stars at Sea program they had on board. Holland America collaborated with Dancing With the Stars to design a few classes (samba, jive, and cha cha) complete with little competitions. Ben and I attended all three dance classes that were held during our days at sea and we each made it into the final. The six contestants (two from each of the classes) got to practice with dancers from the Ryndam and then perform/compete as part of the show on the last night of the cruise. We loved getting to know the dancers and both of our partners were fabulous! (^^Ben with his Samba partner – they were awesome! Ben had never danced Samba before and the judges kept complementing him on his rhythm and hip action)
^^This was our final pose after the jive (and yes, I am wearing shorts under my dress). I’d never done jive before but its so similar to swing that it was definitely the dance I had the most fun with. It was wonderful just to get to dance again and to perform on stage (although performing on a stage that moves with the waves is a little harder…I wasn’t brave enough to try it in heels). My partner and I won the final on Saturday night after the judges and audience flattered us with perfect scores and I felt like a mini celebrity for the last 15 hours on the ship. All the grandparents (85% of our ship were grandparents) kept congratulating me and telling Ben and I that watching the dancing was their favorite thing on the cruise.   (some of my old ballroom pictures here)
^^After the dance final on Saturday night (last night on the cruise).  Hopefully this means we’ll finally take those ballroom classes we’ve been talking about. Every since I stopped dancing when we got married I’ve wanted to take latin classes with this guy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. The cruise Dancing with the Stars is such a cute idea! You looked great too! I've only been on one cruise in my life(our honeymoon), and sadly it didn't go so well. haha! It was then that we realized I get motion sickness. lol


  2. Sounds and looks like a delightful time =) What fun to be on a cruise with the 'Grandparent' generation…I'm sure they doted on you the two of you!

  3. Oooh, jive is fun 🙂 I'm in a super fun jive routine for the BYU ballroom company that we're performing this weekend in the Marriott center 🙂 It would be so fun to do a competition like this one!

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