#ShareTheGoodness Favorite Small Holiday Moments

Simple, cozy moments are my favorite of the holiday season. Today’s post is sponsored by DairyPure.

Holidays with kids are exhausting. And magical and wonderful and fun. And exhausting.

We’re doing all the things this year – holiday parties and Santa visits and lots of extended family…..but I think the things I most look forward to are the small little traditions inside the walls of our apartment.

These days I’ve been trying to focus less on what actually happens in our home and more on what it feels like in our home. Sometimes this means I clean instead of building towers with the kids because we all need a bit more peace that comes with an orderly space. And sometimes it means we ditch cleaning altogether for dance parties or bubble baths or family wrestling. Mostly, it’s a lot of recommitting to trying to be better about it tomorrow (or ten minutes from now), but the focus on how my kids are feeling instead of what they’re doing has been a big one for me.

One of our favorite ways to spend time together right now is baking and I LOVE introducing Lincoln and Adelaide to some of our favorite holiday recipes. They’re almost all baked goods (cookies, muffins, breads…. I should probably branch out).  We dance around the kitchen to Christmas music while they bake in the oven and then pour a cold glass of milk to enjoy them with when they’re done. Right now we’re still working on getting all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and being patient while they bake but it is a fun way to be together.

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Simple, cozy moments with my kids are my favorite of the holiday season. Sometimes it really is the little things that make up the best memories. #holidaytraditions #holidayswithkids #simplemoments

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