San Francisco Guide: A Day At Golden Gate Park

One of our first days in California this month we loaded up the car and drove into the city for a day at Golden Gate park. We only spent about four hours there total (although there’s enough to spend a week), but it is definitely somewhere I recommend while you’re in northern California.

Here are a few things we did and loved:

1. Walked through the de Young museum: The museum has certain days each month that it is free to the public and we took advantage of this. I love that it enabled us to spend just over an hour in the museum without feeling bad that we missed so much.

2. Take the Elevator up the Hamon Observation Tower: As part of the de Young museum, this gives you an incredible view of the city and of the bay. Its a great photo op and a beautiful 360 view.

3. Lunch at the de Young or the Academy of Sciences: The food at the de Young museum was incredible. The menu was very short and was something you’d expect at a five star restaurant. They also have a great assortment of boxed salads and sandwiches if you’re being frugal but still want to enjoy their outside dining area.

4. Golden Gate Photo Op: We took a quick drive to the Golden Gate Bridge where we were able to walk on the bridge and grab photos from a few different locations. The hard part here is just finding parking.

5. Crissy Field: Crissy field, just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, was the first air coast defense station of the west coast. It is a big open grass field right on the bay with a beach and a picnic area. Its a great place to bring your own lunch, or just spend sometime away from the bustle of the city.

More pictures:

^Lincoln was a trooper through the de Young museum. 
^a shot of us up the Hamon Tower with the hills of San Francisco behind us 
^its a family tradition to snap a photo of us imitating a piece of art (here’s one of mine from last year’s trip to California)
^in the space between the de Young and the Academy of Sciences
^the food at the de Young looks as good as it tastes
^my little tropical baby 😉 
^this shows you how thick each of those cables is on the bridge 

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  1. I live just a couple hours from SF (more or less depending on traffic) and have visited many times but I have never been to the Golden Gate Park. I really need to go next time because you've made it look so fun!


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