Running Into Bloggers

So I ran into this cute blogger at the climbing gym. I’ve concluded her combination of just having lived in France, loving rock climbing, and being an avid blogger means we should probably be best friends.

Pardon the iphone pic and my climbing appearance (somehow Brittany looks cute even while she’s at the gym? maybe we can’t be best friends after all šŸ˜› )

Speaking of running into bloggers, a few that I haven’t run into yet (we spend all day on the same campus so I’m not sure how thats possible) have decided we should make it happen. We’ll be rendezvousing at Spark here in Provo sometime next week for drinks (non-alcoholic bar/lounge) and maybe an appetizer or two. We’d love for you to join us for some blog talk, back to school talk, or just life talk. Email me if you want more details šŸ™‚ 

Have you ever run into bloggers in real life?
Was it fun? awkward? fantastic? creepy?

P.S. I just got out of my senior capstone course. It meets at 8 am twice a week in this snazzy conference room on the 7th floor. We sit in big comfy chairs around this huge wooden table as the 13 of us talk with our professor about how to solve the world’s problems. Yeah, I think I’m pretty cool. (I’ll probably change that to pretty crazy when I’m in the middle of writing my 30 page thesis in a few weeks). 


  1. How fun! The blogging world is a social network all its own. I like how real and raw it is, like we see a truer, more appreciated side of one another then in other forms of social media.

  2. I've met bloggers.. But they were my friends before they made a blog.. So that doesn't count. šŸ˜›

  3. No! I've never run into a blogger…but that would be pretty awesome!

    (And YOU look cute, too…by the way)

  4. Thanks for the shout out!! And good luck in your capstone! I'm searching high and low right now for an internship I want to use as mine, and it's so stressful! I'm getting to that point where I'm soon going to be out there living and working and making a difference in the real world….intimidating!

  5. You both look adorable in this picture! How fun! I've never met any of my blogging friends yet (that I didn't already know) but hopefully some day. Although I think I would feel too awkward going up to a "stranger" and introducing myself and saying I read their blog. But who knows!

  6. I just ran into Rachel Sayumi while I was working at Francescas tonight, I always see her on BYU campus so it was nice to sit and talk to her for a bit. Asking her about her wedding deets was fun!

  7. oh me me me! I want to go to snazzy blogger get togethers at spark! Email me the details!

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