Restock! beauty favorites worth buying again and again

I have been sharing products I’m loving on this online space for years and years. Often it’s something new that I’ve just discovered and am excited about. And those are great.

But today I wanted to share products that have passed an even higher bar. The repurchase bar.

I love seeing what brands bloggers are working with and trust that when they say they like something, they mean it. I also recognize there’s a difference between saying “Hi, this product a brand gave me is AWESOME.” and “This product was so great I spent my own money on it.” It’s the difference between loving a dress that your aunt gave you for Christmas, and saving up your pennies to buy that same dress for yourself. Both endorsements are genuine… and today I’m interested in the second one.

Recent Restocks:

Olay whips moisturizer

I was introduced to this product when I worked with Olay last year around the product launch. And I’ve loved it ever since. It is ultra-moisturizing but it settles quickly into the skin so I can put on makeup shortly after applying it. I recently bought it again with SPF (if I didn’t want SPF in my moisturizer I’d get the regular one because I like it a tiny bit better but I’m all about wearing all the SPF these days). If you’re looking for a great daily moisturizer, try this one.

Bondi Sands Sunless Tanner

I started using this right after I got back from Greece this summer (it didn’t arrive in time for our trip) and I LOVE IT. It’s a huge step up from the various self-tanning lotions I’ve used on and off over the last ten years. I reapply every 5-7 days and haven’t had any issues with it looking streaky or orange. The color is great and the mousse application was much easier than I anticipated. I just bought the extra dark color again and also ordered the light-medium color to try this winter.

Olay eye gel

Ever since this 28 day challenge I’ve been converted to this eye gel. I restocked a month or two ago and then last week got in a new Olay formula to try (for a campaign). This eye cream brightens + tightens and makes you look less tired than you are. I came across something that eye cream should be started in your 20s and, along with washing my face each night, is the one thing I always remember to do. I recently started using a new Olay eye cream each morning and still use this one every evening.

Vichy Idealia sleep serum and moisturizer

I got my first set of these as a gift last year and LOVED them. When I saw them on sale at Ulta a month or so again I snagged both of them. I use the serum a few times a week after I’ve washed my face and I finish up with the moisturizer. They leave my skin silky, moisturized and full.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

This is my all time favorite makeup product. I’ve used it for three years? four years? five years? It’s been a long time and it’s still awesome. It is a mix between a bb cream and a cc cream so it has a bit of color correcting and light coverage. It balances my skin and works well when I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup. I’ve also used it as the base before contouring. It’s the best.


Honorable mention: I snagged DKNY Be Delicious perfume last month and love how the smell takes me back to those early years of marriage at BYU. It’s a great scent.

Another honorable mention: I just snagged more Living Proof Dry Shampoo with the code ABBY (which makes them buy one get one so $11.50 a bottle instead of the usual $23). I’ve tried 8+ brands of dry shampoo and this one is, hands down, THE BEST. It’s pricy, so I use Dove or Suave on a regular day and save this for when my hair really needs help or special events.


Okay, tell me. What beauty products do you buy over and over again? Do you like this re-stock post? Should I share more of them?

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