Refresh Your Space: 3 Steps for Each Room

As some of you may have seen, I few days ago I embarked on a 7-day Spring Cleaning challenge with help from Febreze and other P&G home cleaning products. Today I’m sharing the results of our spring cleaning challenge with Febreze. Is there anything better than a fresh, clean home, especially at the start of a new season? Maybe if I pretend it’s spring the weather here in Boston will cooperate? This post is sponsored by Febreze. All opinions are my own.

Have I told you our happy news?

We signed a lease on our new place here in Boston (well, Boston area)! It means we have a month or two left here in campus and that same amount of time to get everything organized, cleaned, and prepped for moving.

Add in a stomach bug here last week and we are ALL about the spring cleaning right now.

Today I’m sharing our spring cleaning + clutter challenge if you want to get in on the action, too. This ISN’T a guide to deep cleaning your house but it is a great way to get organized and get your space freshened up for spring (even if it did snow here in New England yesterday).

My schedule includes one day for each room because conveniently we have six rooms in our 750 square feet but you can adjust it however you’d like.

Day 1. Bedroom

Day 2. Kitchen

Day 3. Living Room

Day 4. Kids Room

Day 5. Bathroom

Day 6. Office/study

Day 7: Enjoy a spring cleaned home

For each room these are the three steps I took:


I tackled one big purging project in each room (like the closet in the living room or the cabinet in the office). It meant taking everything out, choosing what to keep, and discarding all the rest, Marie Kondo style.



Once the room felt “lighter,” weighed down by fewer things, I went through and did light cleaning. This meant dusting and sweeping in the living room, wiping down surfaces, changing sheets, emptying waste bins, etc. This isn’t huge deep cleaning, although you certainly could do that, but cleaning like you’re about to have guests over for dinner or you mom come and stay with you for a few days.



This is what made everything really feel “done” and “clean” for me! In each room the finishing touch looked a little different. Some rooms got fresh flowers, maybe a new throw pillow (okay I thought about this but didn’t actually do it because we’re moving so soon), or a fresh candle scent, and always a finishing spray of Febreze in a Spring scent.


I have kept the Febreze Spray in Happy Spring (smells just like lemon) on hand and using it after I straighten at night and it is the perfect finish to a room. Don’t you find things feel cleaner when they smell nice and odors are eliminated?

And that’s it! Inevitably, especially with kids, by the time you finish the week the rest of your rooms aren’t perfectly clean anymore but it feels SO great to have a bit more organization + cleanliness happening in our space right now!

A few products that helped in our spring cleaning challenge:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets (have you tried these yet?? They really are magic)
  • Febreze SMALL SPACES Happy Spring (my finishing touch for the bathroom)
  • Febreze AIR Happy Spring (using this everywhere it smells just like Lemon)


Now tell me, do you spring clean your home? Do you do a big deep cleaning or focus on refreshing your organization + decor? Any tips for me?

Spring clean your space in 1 week with these three steps for each room with @Febreze #FebrezeFreshForce #SpringCleaningHacks #SpringCleaningTips #ad

Spring clean your space in 1 week with these three steps for each room with @Febreze #FebrezeFreshForce #SpringCleaningHacks #SpringCleaningTips #ad

Spring clean your space in 1 week with these three steps for each room with @Febreze #FebrezeFreshForce #SpringCleaningHacks #SpringCleaningTips #ad

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