Races and Fishes // Our Weekend in Pictures

Another weekend, another recap post. But it also worth noting that I feel like I’ve really hit a groove with this motherhood thing. Everything we did this weekend would have been so incredibly overwhelming just months ago and this time around I didn’t even think twice about any additional hassle of bringing Lincoln along to any of it. Anyway, here are plenty of pictures and anecdotes:

^^Saturday morning started bright and early with the “Tough Cookie” 5k as the start of the annual cookie festival in a town next door (the whole town SMELLED like fresh cookies!). Lincoln and I might have missed all but the last 6 minutes of the race after wandering ALL OVER this tiny town trying to find the park and then trying to find the race but we pulled up, got baby in the stroller, and sprinted over just in time to cheer on Ben (and snap a few photos) a little passed the half way point.

^crossing the finish line (the people to the left of him are passing the just over halfway point and are headed into their final leg)

^these two love each other and it makes me incredibly happy 
^getting his second place medal 
^luckily getting home took 1/2 the time it took to get there #ihategettinglost

^After naps all around, we decided to head up to an outdoor mall a bit north of here (this is what I mean when I say these kinda things would have seemed so daunting a few months ago). The mark of advanced parenting? Not being a bit phase when Linc made a HUGE mess (I’ll spare you the details) on the ride up so we had a little pre-shopping and dinner cleanup date šŸ™‚

^”mom, NO MORE PICTURES” #sevenmonthsgoingonseventeen

^we fed the ducks + fish and it was so fun to watch Lincoln watch them 
^you’re shirts a little low there Linc…

^We also stopped in at PF Changs for a very ate lunch/only slightly early dinner and it was our first time really eating out with a baby (because I’m not counting Chick-fil-a). The last time we were here I was standing on my chair to photograph our food (for this post), and the whole adventure was significantly more pleasant than I anticipated eating with a baby would be. Also, we have a tiny lettuce wrap fan over here. He has a good palette, that baby šŸ˜‰ 

my shoes // my shirt (from the Nordstrom sale) // my jeans (on sale – only a few sizes left) 
P.S. We stopped in at GAP this weekend and spent much more time than anticipated because their summer clearance game was on point. We picked up a few shirts + pants for Ben including these and these. You can also take 25% off your purchase today with code “TODAY” šŸ˜‰ 

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  1. These pictures are so fun! And that's impressive that Ben got second place in his race! I read that super shocked at first and then remembered that he didn't have a baby 7 months ago. Although I'm sure you'd be right there with him šŸ™‚

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