Quarantine Journal Week 6 & 7

Another two weeks. Articles like this one from Business Insider validate my ups and downs – it is so interesting to learn what is happening to our brain in this unprecedented time.

Nothing eventful has happened. Days are filled with small beautiful moments with the family and plenty of small not so beautiful moments, too. There is mess and order, chaos and calm, frustration and laughter.

We have committed to more hugs each day and that has brought a stronger feeling of connection. 

A friend commented that she never pulls away from a hug with her child first. I’ve been trying this and am floored by how long my children want to hug sometimes. It might just be a quick hug in the morning…but it also might be a solid 2 minutes of being held close before they pull away. 

Here’s a “currently” post, quarantine edition. The last time I shared one of these was back when Lincoln was a baby in 2015. 

  • Reading: I’m working my way through a couple of books right now
    • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman
    • Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout: I don’t know why I added this to my library holds but I’m glad I pushed through the first weird chapters – a great insight into aging and a full set of experiences I can imagine a bit better now. My disclaimer is there a lot of profanity for my taste. 
    • The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk (I’m only on the first chapter so not much to say, yet)
    • Savor by Shauna Niequist: This is a day by day book with 365 excerpts from her other books… I love everything I’ve read by her and just downloaded “Bittersweet” and “Cold Tangerines” to read next. I highly recommend “Bread and Wine” and “Present Over Perfect.”
    • The Power of Stillness … Living for Latterday Saints by Ty Mansfield: This church bookclub pick puts the practice of mindfulness into a religious perspective. I don’t think I would have picked it up on my own but a lot of the skills have been helpful during quarantine. I’m more aware of my own emotions, less judgmental about those emotions, and more present in my relationships and day-to-day activities.  
    • The Christ Who Heals by Terryl Givens: This is a new favorite I’m rereading with my sisters right now as a little quarantine family book club. It articulates so poignantly some beautiful truths about Jesus and our relationship with Him. Before I switched to International Relations in college I was a classics major so the changing of doctrines throughout early Christianity takes me back. 
    • It’s Okay Not to Share by Heather Shumaker: This parenting book has been on my list for a long time. I’m only a few rules into her list of 28 renegade rules and really liking it. So far we’ve covered limits, the importance of play, and social skills. 
  • Watching: We started re-watching White Collar together after the kids are in bed at night, Ben working on his laptop and me editing pictures or putting together pinterest graphics. I forgot our shared love of Neil, Peter, and Mozi. 
  • Snacking: We’ve been making We.Live.Lively‘s green smoothie most days and I’ve been trying new flavors of RX bars to get me through the day. So far the Vanilla Almond and the Sea Salt Chocolate are favorites (snag them on amazon here) . 
  • Finishing: This month’s entries in my Promptly Journals for each kid. I brought these up to my parents and have really liked taking a few minutes each week to be better at documenting my children. In a fire I’d grab my family, my electronics (phone, camera/laptop bag), and these journals. You can get them on Amazon here or shop sales directly on their website. 
  • Catching Up: With friends over facetime. I miss people! I miss girls nights. I miss chatting with my community at preschool drop-off, the gym, or a church meeting. 
  • Moving: I’ve been emphasizing moving my body each day. Sometimes it is just a hilly walk with the kids in the stroller after quiet time in the afternoon. Other mornings its a High Fitness class (live or from their youtube channel). When I can swing it I really like the HITT and Barre classes from We.Live.Lively.   
  • Prepping: Right now I’m prepping absolutely nothing. Sometimes I try to wrap my mind around what life will look like if this lasts for a long time … and sometimes I make a plan for our summer if the stay-at-home orders are lifted. But mostly I’m trying to just live in the right now. 
  • Wearing: This tee from Amazon and these modal joggers (my sisters and I have all had them for years and LOVE THEM – they’re sold out in the ones without a tie but these are the same material ).
  • Using: This retinol vitamin C serum and LOVING it (and the price tag). My skin is brighter and smoother and I really like the texture/consistency of this one.
  • Committing to: more hugs, earlier bedtimes, and less time on my phone next week. 


P.S. These pictures are a great sum of what life is like in quarantine. Mostly it’s happy. Sometimes it isn’t. And Ben is very over it. 🙂 



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