Quarantine Journal: Week 2

We survived another week! 

Things felt less novel and exciting this week in quarantine; we’re starting to settle into life here in New Hampshire. How long will this be? 

When Ben first got his “work from home” notice two and a half weeks ago, the kids and I came up to New Hampshire to play for the day …and we decided this was a much better setup and stayed. As things have gotten more serious, I’m so glad we took my parents up on the early invitation to be up here. Ben has setup office in my high school bedroom, my parents both already work from home, and the kids are thrilled to have a lot more space (and adult attention). My grandpa lives here, too, and we’ve been staying in, using the car for the occasional grocery run, and venturing out only for walks around the neighborhood. 

Mornings around here start whenever the kids wake up… with whoever they wake up first. If it’s Westley, usually I’m up with him first. If the bigger kids wake up first, they might wander down to find Grandma or Grandpa or sneak in on Aunt Maddie before Ben and I even hear them.

We spend our days a lot less structured than we used to. I see many cute quarantine and home school schedules floating around the internet but we don’t have one figured out yet. And I’m okay with that. Sometime during the day I put on yoga videos for the kids (usually in the morning). Sometime I set out coloring and painting stuff. Usually my mom does some kind of more structured “grandma school” before lunch but sometimes it happens right when they wake up. We try to stick with quiet time for the two hours after lunch but if the weather is beautiful we opt for being outside instead. I try for a walk with the kids after quiet time but sometimes it’s too cold and sometimes we just don’t get everyone out the door before dinner. 

One of the days for grandma school this week, my mom had big horse coloring pages for the kids and they colored quietly while my mom read them anecdotes from my grandfather’s memoir. He grew up as a cowboy in southern Utah and I remember marveling at his stories around the campfire each summer. There was the time he lost two different groups of cattle he was in charge of driving to water and so he sat on a hill and cried. He was six. Lincoln’s wide eyes as he listened to these stories were fun to watch. 

This week we officially cancelled tickets to my brother’s cancelled April wedding. 

Things Working for me this week in Quarantine

  • High is back! This week I got my high fitness fix with a few live streamed classes. They have this playlist available on youtube and you can check out these instagram pages for live-streams with instructors. I’ve been keeping tabs on Live Lively’s instagram to workout with Heidi and Rachel (both have babies around Westley’s age so I feel extra motivated to keep up). During the workouts I just let Adelaide and Lincoln run around …. it isn’t quite the same as a child-free group exercise class at the gym but they don’t mind and I still get time to move.  
  • Walking hills with the kids: A hilly walk becomes quite the workout when all three kids (90 lbs) are piled in the stroller. 
  • Letting the kids be bored + just sending them outside. There are lots of things to worry about with this pandemic but whether or not my children are bored is not one of them. I’ve loved a lot in “Parenting Without Power Struggles” and “The Yes Brain” recently about the importance of boredom and free play for kids. Giving them time and space to just play and be children helps build their brains and creativity. 
  • Keeping my phone away. Oh the struggle of the phone. This is on my “things working for me” and “things I’m struggling with” because some days are better than others. I like the days I just keep my phone in my room and check it every couple of hours. And then there are other mornings where I catch myself scrolling instagram for the sixteenth time before nine am. Maybe I’ll just unplug for an entire week? This seems like the time to do it. 

Things I’m Struggling With 

  • Evening routines
  • Reaching for my phone too often 
  • Snacking on all the treats around the house (I’m fine with snacking … i’m not fine with how my gut feels come evening on days I’ve been snacking) 

Favorite Activities

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Cleaning the bathroom (giving the kids a rag and a spray bottle with water or diluted cleaning solution) 
  • Splendor (a fun new-t0-me game for the grownups but I’ve been teaching Lincoln, too!) 

Most Used Purchases 

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