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Put Together in 5 Minutes: My Breakdown

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These days I have about five minutes to get dressed – maybe. In part because if baby boy is awake he doesn’t tolerate long bouts of playing on my bathroom floor and because if he’s sleeping there are about 49039 things that come before “make-up” on my list of priorities. But, like I talked about earlier this month, I notice a huge difference in my mood and productivity levels when I’ve taken those 300 seconds to get myself ready. I also notice a difference in the way people respond to me when I’m out and about (doctors appointments mostly).

300 second breakdown:

  • 60 seconds to pull on a comfy pair of denim (maternity at this point) +a striped tee (80% of my maternity tees are striped…) + put on a watch
  • 60 seconds to dutch braid my hair down my hairline (I just sat here and timed it – 57.52 – although most of the time when I get to my neck I just pull the hair into a messy bun)
  • 120 seconds to put on a bit of bb cream, dust on a bit of powder, fill in my eyebrows, and add a bit of bronzer (if I’m skipping the glasses for the day I’ll also swipe on a bit of mascara, use a nude palette for 15 seconds of eye makeup, and use the same brown eyeliner I used for my eyebrows on my upper lid).
  • 60 seconds to moisturize, line, and fill in my lips with a fun color (I love a good nude lip but in this 5 minute routine I’m generally wearing neutrals and so little makeup so I go for a bolder lip choice).
The final step always makes me feel pulled together, even if I’ve had to skimp on the braid or ditch the foundation. Plus, a lady in red lipstick totally meant to have her hair stacked on the top of her head in a messy bun, right?
A few weeks ago I picked up a couple new lip colors from Essence Cosmetics, a European line that just launched at Target in 2016 (available at select Target stores + online). Essence is known for their high quality, on-trend products and affordable price points and I’m SO impressed. When I’m getting a lipstick for under $3 I have pretty low expectations, but these have been my go-to’s for the pas two weeks. You can see specifically what I tried and recommend below (they have more than just lip colors) but a good lipstick for under $3? Yes please.


  • I got a couple different shades of the 13 ounce Longlasting Lipstick and this is my favorite product of the few I tried. It is incredibly moisturizing (so much so that I can skip putting on chapstick first – a step I use with all my higher end lipsticks). I’m wearing “On the Catwalk” above but also loved this “Natural Beauty” for a pinker shade. Some days I’ll wear it with a lip foundation under it, just to make sure it lasts all day.
  • The Sheer + Shine Lipstick (silver tube) also comes in great colors and is super moisturizing but I prefer the Longlasting Lipstick because it has more of a matte finish. The “I Feel Pretty” color I have here is great for dressier looks but not something I’ve been putting on in my 5 minutes 🙂
  • I picked up a handful of lipliners in coordinating colors to the lipsticks because the liner makes such a difference in how my lipstick wears throughout the day. They aren’t my favorite, but you can’t beat the price point + how easy it is to match shades so I’ve still been using them.
  • “How to Make NUDE Eyes” is a great nude eye palette. I particularly like how there isn’t too much sparkle/shimmer and you’re getting 6 great colors for day-to-day wear for under $10 (I’m wearing a little bit of the eye makeup in these pictures…but I only did spend a total of 30 seconds on my eye makeup 🙂
  • I haven’t used the Liquid Lipstick much but I love the design + the tube. I also love the matte finish.

^you can find Essence Cosmetics in select Target stores or online at Target.com


  1. I love how nourishing the Longlasting Lipstick sounds- something so desperately needed in cold weather! I also want to play with nudes more, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the Essence display at my Target! #client

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will need to check out that makeup line. I love target! I am really into simple makeup. I too, have a 2 year old and not much time. I love color on my face, like blush, liquid foundation, and lipstick, and mascara. Have you heard of cindy joseph boom makeup? She sells this boomstick that brightens your whole complexion with a touch of soft pink color. You use it all over your face, even lips. AMAZING. check it out online. Lots of celebrities using it and not too expensive.

    1. Let me know what you think when you try it 🙂 I haven't heard of Cindy Joseph Boom Makeup – but I'll have to look into it, thanks for the tip!

  3. I must say, your big enthusiasm for this brand surprises me a little! Essence is not known for their high quality make-up in the Netherands. Especially their mascara and concealers are not very good, but I guess they don't sell the exact same line in Holland as they sell in the US. The brand is perfect for quantity, I have around ten of their moisterizing lipsticks, one for every coat or bag. I also have a few of Essence eyeshadow palettes. I don't use the eyeshadow for my day-to-day make-up but I like to have them for special occasions. It's all very cheap, so it doesn't really matter when not all shades are working for you. In my opinion, Essence is a fine, simple and cheap brand that's ideal for non-essentials like a moisterizing lipstick (really, I use it all the time), but for the real essentials like a good foundation, eyeliner or mascara, I'd rather go for quality and pay a little more.

    1. Oh good to know – so I've only tried the products listed here (the lip products + the eye palette) and the moisturizing lipstick is by far my favorite. You're right, it is something great for quantity and the quality seems great for the price on what I've tried, but for skin products I've using bare minerals or clinique for 5-6 years. In comparison to everything I've tried at the same price point here in the states, the lipsticks are SO GOOD. Other brands at the price point seem too dry or only last an hour — glad to hear you love the lip colors too 🙂

  4. Love this post! You're beautiful!! Thanks for letting me follow you're blog!! You're Amazing, one of a kind!!!

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