Pretty in Pink

First day of school was a success: I’m taking fascinating classes this semester (ALL political science electives!) with my favorite professors. I love being a senior. I also got into both wait listed classes and headed off at 7am this morning for a few hours of ballet and jazz. I am so thrilled to be dancing again! One of the places I feel the most beautiful (and in this case I mean elegant, powerful, and graceful) is at the barre. 
Here’s a little ballet inspired outfit for you. This semester I’ll be wearing lots of pink on bottom and black on top but these pants are almost as stretchy as my tights and this top is my new favorite shirt. 
Thanks to K for snapping these pictures! 
shirt: AE // pants: GAP // boots: Nine West// necklace: thrifted
P.S. Is anyone else FREEZING in this Utah weather? 
Walking to school in the pitch black and sub zero weather is not my ideal start to anything, let alone a 14 hour day…

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  1. Oh my goodness, 14 hour day? That sounds crazy. I hope your semester goes well! xo, Maria

  2. Love your outfit and totally love that you're taking a dance class for your last semester. I did the same and it was awesome! So worth it! My girlfriends and I took a belly dancing class, sounds strange but it was unbelievably fun!

  3. whats funny is when i was putting this up to put on my photography blog (which i haven't posted yet, dang it) i named it pretty in pink. gosh great minds think alike.
    and dance classes, fun.
    and yes im dying here, its too cold. halp!


  4. Darling top! Maybe I'll have to go snag it. šŸ™‚ Loving your blog and your style!

  5. Cute top. It's so bright! And yes, I am freezing. After walking around campus yesterday morning, I couldn't get warm. I went to my husband's office to visit and ended up sitting under his desk right next to his space heater. I'm six. It's cool.

  6. your hair is really beautiful šŸ™‚ good luck with your classes! x

  7. Walking to school in the dark sounds scary lol and cold. Take some hot tea or coco with you šŸ™‚


  8. Hello from the blog hop! I too am a senior in college and got into the one wait listed class that I (and the entire student body) wanted to get into!

    I used to do ballet when I was super young, and I totally miss it! I remember loving it and it's so great that you're still doing it!

  9. you are so pretty! I was immediately drawn to the colors in that shirt- great choice! and your hair looks so good- how do you get those waves? curling iron? straightener? natural?

  10. what a doll you are! I remember seeing this photo on IG, beautiful!

  11. You look really cute despite the cold. That red is a beautiful color on you.

  12. Just found your blog! LOVE it!!

    New follower! Follow me back?

    Would love to feature you on my blog for I Am a Mormon Mondays!

  13. That top is super pretty! Love the colors. You look beautiful.
    Visiting from Plane Pretty šŸ™‚

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