PowerUP – 6 Beauty Uses for Your Old Toothbrush

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Uses for Old Toothbrushes
Turns out, toothbrushes are good for lots of things other than cleaning your pearly whites. So, when I upgraded to the Sonicare PowerUp last week, I got a little creative. While I’m no longer using this little guy on my teeth, he’s sticking around my beauty drawer for awhile. After cleaning him in a little bleach (and rinsing thoroughly), he was ready to go to work on the following: 
1. Cleaning old jewelry
2. Removing the lint from my hair dryer filter
3. Cleaning my hair brush
4. De-clumping my mascara: Sometimes when I put on my mascara it clumps a little bit. Once its dry, if you run your repurposed toothbrush from lid to tip, it’ll remove the clumps and give you extra curl. 
5. Brushing my eyebrows: Until now I’ve just used my fingers to straighten my eyebrows out – now I have my very own eyebrow brush. 
6. Taming fly-aways in up-do’s: Add a little hairspray to the toothbrush and voila, your perfect fly-away catcher.
Uses for Old Toothbrushes
Uses for Old Toothbrushes
Uses for Old Toothbrushes
Uses for Old Toothbrushes

I’ve been using the Sonicare PowerUP for a week now, and I’m so glad I updated. Turns out the toothbrush I was using, was 5000 year old technology.  I love how much cleaner my teeth feel this week..its like getting a month’s worth of brushes in one day. For less than $20 at Meijer, this new battery powered toothbrush is much cheaper than other electronic options and  if you check the Sunday paper tomorrow you’ll find a coupon for you $5 off.

This week I had two different people ask if I had whitened my teeth and so I love the visual results. The best part is the way my teeth feel this week. The electric toothbrush really is able to get more plaque off of my pearly whites leaving them that much more pearly. If you’re looking for a way to up your dental hygiene without breaking the bank – the Sonicare PowerUP is great!

Uses for Old Toothbrushes

 A few other options for old toothbrushes I think I’ll try:

  • brushing lips to make them more kissable and gets rid of all dead skin
  • cleaning my incredibly dirty computer keyboard (with windex)
  • cleaning our waffle iron
  • cleaning dirt off the bottom of my new running shoes
Oh and question, what’s your favorite toothpaste?
 I feel like I should update that too.


  1. I totally agree about Sonicare! I got one as a wedding present and its wonderful.
    My current toothpaste has become my favorite. It's Aquafresh Exreme Clean. It has a neat foaming action so it really leaves my teeth feeling super clean,

  2. Thanks fr the share..
    I only use old toothbrushes to clean my hair brush!
    aqua fresh is the one we love to use daily. currently we are also using the colgate whitening toothpaste. It is too harsh for me i guess..most of the time it peel off my inner skin which makes me scared a lot.Never gonna buy it again.

  3. Heh – the only one of these I've done before is the cleaning of the jewellery, with baking soda, strangely enough!

  4. Thanks for your tips. I will also try with baking soda for the cleaning my jewellery.

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