Pops of Pink + Inspiring Women

You know those people you like almost instantly? They’re great. They’re even better when you like them more and more as you get to know them, and you know they’re really worth keeping around when not only do you like them, but you like who you are when you’re with them. 
As I’ve started this ‘journey’ of trying to keep a tiny human alive (read: motherhood), I’ve become increasingly grateful for the women who motivate and inspire me to work hard at it because, my goodness, it is work. It’s a work a I always planned to do. Other than a bout of planning on marrying a ‘stay at home dad’ so my prosecuting career could thrive, I knew I wanted to be at home with my babies. I knew, if it was an option, it was something worth sacrificing for. Now that I’m in it, the sacrifices are a bit different than I imagined. First it was my body, then it was my comfort, and now its almost all of my time. Sometimes the sacrifice is little, like giving up a pair of heels for church so I can more easily lug the car seat to and from the car. Other times the sacrifice feels big, like loving a fussy baby through a long, sleepless night. 
But back to these women. They are always serving. They are always caring. And they are almost always so happy doing it. The past few months I’ve put almost everything other than meeting my family’s basic needs aside. There hasn’t been time for other people, and when I stopped to think this weekend, when is there going to be more time? When the baby sleeps through the night (epic things happened at the Gringeri household between the hours of 9 and 6 last — most notably, no one going into the nursery!)? When there are more kids? What about when they start school? When they leave the house? It seems like life just keeps getting crazier from here on out and the decision to include things in life has to be based on what is most important, not what I feel like I have time for. So today I’m grateful for the women who manage to give so much of themselves and who motivate me to want to be a bit more.  
one of these women (pic from this weekend in Cincinnati)
It’s women’s history month, did you know? And while the women I am most grateful for at the moment are all still living, they’re helping write my history, my family’s history, and that, to me, is worth celebrating. 


And on the note of being inspired by women, here’s a little uniform of mine these days: the most comfortable of tees and the most functional of flats, with a few fun details inspired by Betsey Johnson and her new Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection:

^tissues and burp cloths are becoming must-haves for whatever I’m carrying so I really love the black and white patterns and bold pops of color in Betsey’s new designs. 

^and this box is kinda fun sitting on my desk – makes me want to get this whole room finally put together …maybe in black and white with pops of pink? If you’re looking for a fun way too add a bit of color to a room or your purse, pick up a box of the Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson
outfit details:
hat: Kate Spade  (similar here)
shirt: Tahari
flats: J.Crew (this hot pink is from last summer but they have this same flat in lots of spring colors)

Thank you to Kleenex + Socialstars for sponsoring this post! You can find them on facebook and twitter



  1. Anonymous says:

    What a cute hat, I absolotuley love it. Dang, its too much. Is it a new hat? You must always wear it:. your baby will love its color. Its bright and lovely.

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