Playing Grown Up

I mentioned last week I nestled into the mountains for a week of research, networking, and writing. Its always hard to remember to take pictures when you’re wrapped up in something and between pressing world issues and all the interesting people there, these are the only few I got (besides the ones from our xc skiing adventure). Three days, lots of talking, and 12 pages later, this group came up with a comprehensive revamp to the US aid combatting climate change as it pertains to natural resources in the Sahel region of Africa. 
Side note: I’m staring to build quite the business wardrobe between conferences and model UN competitions. Now I just have to figure out how to pack everything for a 10 day trip to NYC in less luggage than I brought to this four day conference. 
So if any of you are interested in development (and in college) – WIAC is an inspiring (and incredibly affordable) conference. And for the bulk of you that aren’t that combination – here are few pictures of the weekend. 
if you couldn’t tell, we’re all a little sleep deprived here – right after our presentation on the final morning

Utah is gorgeous, I know. 
Together, we’re going to save the world 🙂 

I’m headed to NYC with these girls next week so I”m sure you’ll be seeing lots more of them on here!


  1. What a beautiful place to have a conference. Must have been hard to focus on work!

  2. Ah I am absolutely crazy about your white blazer – love the pairing with the khaki – keep on kicking climate-change butt!

  3. Wow, Utah really is gorgeous. I've only just driven through it during the summer. Looks like I should plan a trip when it has snowed.

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