Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Confession, last year I was scrambling to put together our little love book for Ben’s Valentine’s Day present the day of (maybe it was the day before?). This year I’m feeling pretty on top of things with my little love coupon book. I wanted to give Ben something that involved experiences but could still be packaged up to feel like a great gift the day-of. Memories are often more fun than gifts, but how lame is it to not actually get to open a present?
Datevitation is perfect because, with over 200 date ideas, it lets you completely customize what the coupons are for, while still giving it an official gift feel with the binding and gift box (see above). The dates range from skydiving to picnics to art museums with everything in between (they also have an adult section, and you can bet I included the “1 hour all out make-out session” date 😛 ). 
I’m planning on picking up some sparkling cider, Ben’s favorite candy, and a little something that corresponds with one or two of the dates to complete the perfect present. If you’re as excited about this as I am, you can enter to win your own datevitation book below or use the code BELLA for $10 off your own book at datevitation. The regular book with 5 dates is usually $20. Just think, all you have to do is a pick a few fun things out on their website, pick up a bottle of his favorite drink, and you’ve got the perfect present for under $20. 

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  1. I'm the first one to enter! Yeee!!! This better mean that I should win! Haha. I would love to have this book to send to my man on his mission!

  2. oh, i will most definitely include a technology-free day. the husband HATES how much i'm on my phone!

  3. I'd have to do the video game one for my hubby. He'd love it!

  4. Woohoo! Thanks for telling me you had this giveaway going on! I've been sick and totally off the map. 🙁

    I would definitely put in the dance lesson coupon– I've always wanted to learn how to swing dance and Ty said he'd be up for it, and I'd also put in the cooking class coupon. Sooner or later, we are both going to get sick of eating lasagna, so it would be fun to expand our cooking horizons together!

    Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

  5. the indoor cycling one looks appealing, too, since i've been taking that class and love it!!!

  6. I love the idea of the living room picnic – but our dogs might complicate that a bit!

  7. tried following you on twitter and it said that page doesnt exist, just fyi. would love to follow you. lmldfood

  8. Also, how do i decide a date? I want to do them all! But I would love to go on the orchard date – pick your owns are so fun!

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