Past Due & Cobalt

Occasionally I eat at places that aren’t Tom & Chee; Yesterday was not one of those days. 
My dear friend Casey is due any second (well, really she was due last week) and when a friend that pregnant asks for anything, you oblige, especially if that means eating at your favorite place twice in one month šŸ™‚ We snapped these pictures after lunch in Newport yesterday and now that her ‘past due-ness’ has been documented, its time for that baby girl to come out.

^^I branched out and ordered something other than the Mac & Chee. This Mac Mama has the same mac n’ cheese but with hummus and greens. It was pretty good, but I still prefer my Mac & Chee on wheat with bacon.

^^I talked casey into the Mac & Chee. Always a good choice.

^Tom & Chee’s littlest fan (and the cutest guy around šŸ™‚

^^My favorite grilled cheese donut – a grilled glazed donut with Mascarpone cheese, fresh strawberries, and Andes mints.

^Casey and T (by now it was his nap time)

jacket: thrifted // denim ā„… // booties ā„… // scarf ā„…  (I love the other colors they have too)// sunglasses ā„… // bag: thrifted
As thrilled as I am for spring, I’m going to be a little sad putting away all my favorite jackets. This one I thrifted here in Cincinnati and I love discovering discontinued vintage designer pieces. At less than $10 and with a perfect fit, it was a steal. Plus, I love how it brings out the cobalt details in the scarf! 
Happy Thursday! 

Have you been to Tom & Chee? Would you try a grilled cheese donut? 


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