Parks, Picnics, and Babies

I spend almost every morning with this cute little boy (and his fabulous mama) and because I don’t bring my camera on our morning walks or to aerobic classes, this never gets documented. Friday Casey and I caught up over lunch and because it was so gorgeous out (and we were eating with a one year old) we decided to grab take-out and enjoy the almost-fall weather. 
Nothing makes me want to have babies like this little boy. When two people make children this happy and this charming, they have a social obligation to breed continually. Clearly they got the memo because Casey is expecting their second in February! Do you think in all the craziness of a new baby they’d notice if this guy disappeared for a little bit? If he does, they’ll know where to find him 😉

^^baby hands – I melt

^^eating is an adventure

^^How cute is this little portable seat? Lunch in the park? No problem.

The lady at firehouse was right – #10 is the best. (and their cherry limeade. oh my word.)

^^This is essentially my backyard. Why yes, I do love where we live.

^^I also love this picnic blanket my mom made us for our wedding.

^^Casey makes motherhood look like joy.

^^They love each other, clearly.

^^First time all the way down a slide – he was a little nervous, but after a few times he loved it.

If you’re looking for more adorable pictures of this little boy you can check out Casey’s blog (scroll down to his birthday photoshoot – from the same photographer who did our anniversary pictures)
Happy Monday!

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