Paris Inspired: Home Office Decor

Having an inspiring work place is oh so important. In designing our home office I’m toying with using Paris as my inspiration (or it might just be that my best friend will be studying in France for 8 weeks this summer and its the closest I’ve gotten to jealousy in a long time). Five years ago the two us spent a magical five days in the city of lights and while my French has dwindled and my passport may have expired, the magic of Paris will never wear off. Black and Red in an office, if done right, would be polished and romantic, reminiscent of an inspiring city and the magic within.

I’m thinking I’ll make nutella crepes today just to reminisce.

What do you think?  Yay or nay to the black and red?


  1. I am SO terrible at home design. Bad enough that I think I need to hire a decorator! Feel free to come decorate my house. You should totally look for adult jazz or ballet. It is such a great way to get in shape.


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  2. Found your blog from Marion Berry! Love it & following. Love to see you back 🙂 I am SO dying to redeco "our" office – which I unwilllingly share with my hubs 🙂

    xo Lulu

  3. Yes, the red black and white/black damask is gorgeous! Exactly what my daughter is doing in her refurbished bedroom. As her Mom, acting as her "consultant" 😉 its been our way of spending time together as she prepares to go to Paris, Spain with her Junior class in the spring. Still apprehensive about letting her go, but I know she will have a blast! Wish I could go with her!! Please let me know where you found the chair? We are looking for one for her Art Deco vanity, makeup dresser . Thanks! ☺

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