Painted Bottles Photo Display DIY

I am always looking for fun ways to display pictures around our home – remember over the summer when I shared the tablerunner I made out of instagram pictures for our anniversary? Well I’m back with another fun DIY project for displaying your instagram pictures (or any pictures for that matter). I always print instagram photos with the Walgreens App, which makes it incredibly easy to print the cute squares right from your phone and pick them up in under an hour (plus they’re often running promos on their site for discounts on prints).
Most of our pictures are displayed in frames, so I wanted to find another way to showcase our favorite moments. I love the endless possibilities with these glass bottles. This set is is staying on a shelf in our living room as the perfect way to rotate through instagram snapshots. However, this craft works great as a gift, or a centerpiece. A single bottle would be a great gift for a friend this Christmas but they’d work equally well for bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, hostess gifts, or housewarming gifts. If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas this season and are on a budget, or just want to get personal, these little bottles with pictures would be perfect!
For this craft you’ll need an assortment (or one if you’re making a single gift) of glass bottles. You can find an eclectic mix at thrift stores that would be perfect for this project or grab these exact ones at Michael’s for $1.19. The Micheal’s ones are convenient because they already have corks in them or else you’ll need to find corks that match the sizes of your thrifted bottles.
I used acrylic paint for this project (mostly because it was the cheapest I could find) and I watered it down a little before I used it on some of the bottles. The water makes it spread easier and you use less paint, but if you put to much in, it can lead to translucent finishes. If I did it again, I wouldn’t use water in any of them. When picking I chose two greens, one on each end of the spectrum I wanted for my set.  One bottle is made solely out of each color, and the rest are some mixture, creating a fun ombre look.
What You’ll Need:
  • an assortment of glass bottles with corks
  • acrylic paint
  • paperclips
  • instagram prints
What You’ll Do:
  • Pour paint into bottles and swirl around until entire inside is coated. This will probably take more paint than you’re expecting. If you’re mixing colors, do this before you pour into the bottle so you have a solid color.
  • Let bottles dry overnight upside down so excess paint drips out.
  • Cut small slits in the top of each cork with a knife. These slits should be wide enough for a paperclip to wedge in (see pictures).
  • Place paperclip in cork and voila, an easy and cheap display for pictures!


^^all pictures from when we were in NH this summer to welcome my brother Caleb home from his two year mission




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this painted bottle DIY is a cute way to display photos without frames



  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the painted bottle photo holders. What a great idea. I have bottles left over from wedding favors and will paint them and give them to friends.

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