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While I was in Utah and Idaho for Alt Summit in January I got a phone call. It was about seven thirty in the morning. Ben had lost his job.

For the past nine months he’d been working for a venture capital backed company that I liked to say was “just out of the start up phase.” Apparently not. The money was running out and the company made big cuts and management changes. We were in shock.

But, from the very beginning, there was a feeling of excitement. I’m not sure why, because after uprooting our life and moving to Cincinnati for a job that was supposed to last much longer than nine months, I should have been a bit more disappointed — but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something bigger was about to happen, something better.

We spent a lot of time in prayer over the next month and a half. I came across a quote I really loved:

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

-Corrie Ten Boom 

It put things into a wonderful perspective for me these last few months. God knows us. He knows our desires and our goals. He also has a plan for us which is far better than the one we have for ourselves…and I am grateful when we get little glimpses of it. Its been a time of growing and stretching, but mostly of trusting and having fun. 

And as if having the past month and a half to hang out with Ben everyday wasn’t enough, this afternoon he got an offer from Procter and Gamble. About a million people apply to work at P&G each year, and with one of the toughest interview processes in the country, I am so proud of Benjamin.

For the moment I’m thinking only about the going we’ll be doing and not the leaving, because the going is very exciting. There are still plenty of details to be worked out …and I’ll share more as they come, but I wanted to let you know 🙂


  1. love your outfit.
    congrats on the news! go ben!!

  2. I am so happy that it worked out for Ben. You are both such great people. Where will you be going for this new job?

  3. That is super super exciting!! Will you be moving? Excited about your news!!

  4. That is super super exciting!! Will you be moving? Excited about your news!!

  5. So exciting! P&G is an amazing company! God is always faithful. 🙂

  6. Holy cow! Being from Ohio I know how huge this is. All my friends who are studying business at just about any and every college in the state strive for a position there. The internships are crazy competitive not to mention the jobs!!! Congratulations that is SO amazing.

  7. This is fantastic news! Congrats to him, that is definitely no easy feat. 🙂 best of luck to the both of you. here's to a new adventure 🙂


  8. I love "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. One of my favorite books with an incredible message. I really needed to hear this today! I'm in the middle of something similar, and it's hard to have faith that everything will work out!!

  9. Congrats! I know how hard it is, my husband was out of work for more than 3 years and for medical reasons couldn't get another job in his field. We lost our house and had to move into an apartment. But the day he got a new job was such a great day! We're slowly building our way back…everything happens for a reason!

  10. Congrats on the job offer! It is encouraging to read of the faith and trust you have that God has a plan for everything.
    I love how preppy and feminine this outfit is.

  11. Oh yesss, this is amazing news! Congratulations to Ben! He did so well! I hope he will have an amazing time at his new job. xo

  12. oh my goodness! i know exactly how it feels to have a spouse lose a job. nick was laid off in 2010 and it was really hard on us. it's how we got to houston in the first place! congrats to you and ben and i can't wait to hear what's next!

  13. CONGRATS! so so exciting, and meant to be! xo


  14. Anonymous says:

    I have to tell you, because i think youd want to know, ive been reading this constantly, as my husband and i just experienced something so similar. We completely uprooted to a new state, and even bought a home, etc for a job that was supposed to be, promised to be, a very, very long career. A few days after a year on the dot, hubs was laid off. A series of horrible financial decisions made by his company (like super horrible), and boom. I wish i had an excitement from the beginning, but it was dark. Until not long at all, the interviews came in (two weeks to the day!) and just today he was told an offer letter is being drafted– from a way better company, in a way better location, better salary and better potential. So, so, so blessed…because if he wasnt let go when he was, and this job turned out the way it was "supposed to" (what i felt was supposed to, and not God, obviously), a long career with this firm, it would have been so much more devastating career wise and financially, when he isnt laid off, but the clients are gone and we would be in a world of hurt. I was bummed we will go from owning a home to renting again until we get settled and ready to buy our next home, but like you truthfully say– happiness is a choice. a home that could be ripped up in a fire or tornado in 30 seconds flat is nothing to waste precious time being sad about, so im choosing to not care! Love the hope and inspiration this gave me, and glad we are both getting happy endings!

    1. Oh I'm so glad everything is working out! It can definitely be scary when things are so uncertain – and thank you so much for sharing and commenting on this post. It is a great reminder for me to remember that we are where we are supposed to be. Does this mean a big move for you or is the new job close to home?

  15. Anonymous says:

    It is a big move-ish. It is two hours away from where we are now, but it is in our home state and not far from where we went to college. We totally thought we would be here forever though, so we changed car titles and licenses and all that, and now we have to do it again. Good news is (i am a lawyer) i made the questionable (at the time) decision to take Ohio's bar exam, even though we didnt live there. It seemed like a waste of time, effort and money, but luckily since we are moving back, I can utilize my ohio license– which is great. I took the bar here, passed and what not but in a practical sense i dont know how to lawyer here. its a learning curve since its not where i learned how to be a lawyer– It isnt where i went to school, i dont know anyone, not familiar with courts, etc. so it is great that we are going back to where im more comfortable working!

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