Oh Good Morning

(still here in New Hampshire at my parents) 

This morning the babe woke up a bit too early for the girl who stayed up chatting with her sisters until well past eleven (but at least I wasn’t up for school at 5:30 like they were…). Instead of getting up with Linc and starting our day, I pulled that sweet guy out of his closet and into my bed for a few sleepy snuggles under the covers. With heavy eyes I kissed those chubby cheeks and neck rolls while baby worked on his kicks and morning exclamations. In some moments, I’ve concluded, it is possible to be completely exhausted and blissfully content.

My mind wandered to the future, like it does often these days. I thought of Lincoln, sixteen years from now, studying for his AP tests or picking up his tux for prom (we’ve been gearing up for both around here with the sisters). I wonder what he would tell me then, if we were just chatting in bed before the day began. Will it be the interesting book he just started or the girl that sits next to him in physics? Maybe his excitement for track meet or, like his dad, his latest rock climbing project. I can’t wait for those chats, but for now the “goo”s and “ga”s are pretty great too šŸ™‚

And a few shots from life in the guest room with Lincoln:

 ^the beautiful blanket my grandmother made for his baby blessing

^he loves to grip blankets these days…and shove them in his mouth šŸ™‚


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