October and goals for the month

October? Already? 

It feels like the kids just started school last week and somehow, here we are, almost two months into the school year and barreling quickly towards the holidays. 

We spent the weekend alternating between swimming (the beach, the pool, the water table in the backyard) and watching General Conference. I love this weekend, twice a year, as a time to really get intentional about what I value, what I’m doing, and how I’m feeling. It helps me recenter on what matters most and realign how I’m spending my time and my energy. It also always leaves me feeling loved and hopeful. 

Here are a few goals I wrote down this weekend, many small improvements that will make a difference over weeks and months. 

October Goals: 

  • Commit to a simple morning routine before I go into ‘mom mode’ (a quick journal, meditation, movement, and getting dressed) 
  • Put the phone away for the first and last hour of each day 
  • Read physical books. Whether its for scripture study in the morning or a novel before bed – I do a lot of audiobooks and reading on my phone but I feel calmer when I spend less time on tech. 
  • Call out the good. We are more prone to notice + remember the negative and to combat that I’m committing to calling out more positive. Whether it is a child putting away their things after school, Ben being fun with the kids, or a really good tasting dinner, giving voice to the good in our days should make the good a little more prominent. 
  • Meditate. A friend and I just started a 30 day meditation challenge (inspired by the book “Think Like a Monk” Ben and I listened to on our anniversary trip last month). 

A few pictures from Sunday morning: 



shop this post: 

my joggers: Ready to Rulu (the best, finally splurged on them and they’re my most worn single pair of pants) 

my tee: it’s actually a bodysuit and looks great with looser jeans (it comes in a couple of other fun colors and is under $25 – I’m wearing my regular size but I’ll size up if I buy it again)

lincoln’s shirt: part of a 2 piece set from Shein (on sale for something like $6 right now) 

Adelaide’s top is old Hanna Andersson and her leggings are old Crew Cuts 

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