Not an Ode to the Black Dress

A little pregnancy update because I won’t spend a whole post talking about how amazing this dress is (although I could).

I finally feel like I have all my energy back (although I write this exhausted, even after taking a nap this morning) and can juggle more than just growing one baby and keeping another alive. It was pure survival mode for a few months there and thank goodness for a husband who cooks and cleans without complaint.

I found this template from my same update with Lincoln (here) and had fun updating the answers: 

Favorite Moments: Last time around I had all these favorite moments of pregnancy and connection with the baby. This time though, there is scarcely a quiet minute in the day to feel her kick. I do enjoy the few minutes before sleep though, where I can feel her squirm as I snuggle into my maternity pillow (a blessed, blessed thing).

Eating: Protein shakes and whole wheat bagels. And lots of cereal.

Buying: Nothing yet, but I get excited just looking at little baby girl clothes.

Gender: She’s still very much a girl

Names: We’ve started a list, but with Lincoln he was nameless for 24 hours so I’ve no expectation we’ll have anything settled ’till she’s here.

Craving: Nothing really – but I do want chocolate and ice cream all the time (in direct contrast to last pregnancy when I’d take sour candy over chocolate any day).

Weight Gain: 10-15 pounds? I’ve been weighing myself significantly less consistently this pregnancy so I’m not entirely sure (and I’m not entirely sure where I was at before I was pregnant).

Missing Anything: Being able to sleep well. I wake up pretty consistently at some early hour and toss and turn, trying to go back to sleep, until Ben’s alarm goes off.

Aches or Pains: The back pain has mostly gone away now that I’ve gotten back into my gym routine after a pretty relaxed first trimester (I went to the gym every morning those few months but did nothing more than stretch or shower). Lincoln makes me more sore with his desire to be held all the time than the tiny babe inside.

Maternity Clothes: For about 3 months now… (and apparently this time last pregnancy I still wasn’t wearing maternity clothes??).

Exercise: I make it to the gym almost every week day and I’m excited for the weather to warm up so Lincoln and I can get back to walking.

Excited About: Holding this little baby. I’m excited for a baby that just wants to snuggle (and doesn’t weigh 25 pounds). I’m also really excited about getting to use my baby wrap again. I really loved wearing Lincoln so close until he got too big 🙂

dress: GAP maternity (and if I could own one maternity dress, it would be this one)
booties: Sam Edelman
watch: Daniel Wellington
jacket: Shein (sold out from last year)

*photos taken at 20 weeks


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