New year – new beauty routine!

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Have you started thinking about new year’s resolutions yet? Maybe you don’t set resolutions but you’re still excited about a fresh start?

I know you don’t need a new beginning to make a change, but I love the enthusiasm and possibility that come with the start of something like a new year.

For me, 2018 was a year working on routines. We are still FAR from there, but I find a lot of calm, order, and security in routines. Whether it’s what I do before the kids wake up, how we handle the dinner and bedtime hours, or the steps I go through before bed, routines make things run so much more smoothly.

Does your beauty routine need a little refresh?

Let’s chat about the MashUp Beauty Box.

I had so much fun trying new products in 2018 and found some gems that have become a permanent part of my morning and evening beauty routines. I found these when shopping clearance sections, getting gifts from friends, and hearing recommendations from other women (online + off). But sometimes I want something new and I DON’T have time for all of the research.

The MashUp Beauty Box contains trial sizes of new, beloved beauty products from brands we know and trust (and some new up-and-coming brands, too). It is a great way to try new products… and see what you love enough to add into your routine.

The most convenient part? You can snag it in the beauty aisle while grocery shopping!

Here’s what came in my Beauty in a Blink box and what I’m really loving / excited to use so far:

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water: Dissolves dirt + unclogs pores, doubling as a toner—great after a long day with a full face of makeup.

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge by Elvive: This hair treatment is perfect for dry and damaged winter hair.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner: Great for date night looks, and the ultra-thin brush tip is easy and precise.

Hello Whitening Toothpaste: I have been intrigued by charcoal toothpastes and was so excited to try this one! It’s perfect for brightening up your smile this winter.

Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant: Goes on instantly dry, perfect for after the gym.

Dr. Bronner Peppermint Organic Soap: One product that is gentle enough to use on body, face, and hair! This makes it perfect for traveling.

Lumify Eye Drops: These reduce redness in just 60 seconds, perfect for tired mornings after late nights.

Go snag your box at Jewel-Osco and see how you can update your beauty routine in 2019! The MashUp Beauty Box is soon to be available in select stores in the beauty aisle.

Try this simple trick to refresh your beauty routine! #beautyroutine #dailymakeup #themashupbeauty #beautyinablink

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