Nashville + Being MIA + Snapchat

Hi – sorry I’ve been a bit MIA on here this week. We took a rather last minute trip to Nashville so I’ll be back with regular posts at the end of the week. Meanwhile, I’m sharing a few shots here and there of our trip on instagram, and plenty of cute little videos on snapchat! 
Full disclosure: If you’re sick of really cute baby pictures, DO NOT add me on snapchat. I figured out (okay, I had my teenage sister teach me) how to download my short videos as a compilation at the end of the day and I’ve been using snapchat as a great way to document the cute things Lincoln does all day day long, along with whatever adventures we have. But, I am about to take you on a tour of downtown Franklin (cutest town ever?), so hop on over if you want to hang out with us. 
Anyway, hope you’re having a wonderful week! 
instagram: @bellatheblog
snapchat: @elisabethmeg

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  1. Say hi to my town…I'm not sure where you are staying, but our house was about 5 minutes from the big mall in Cool Springs. Our church was next to the temple, just outside of Franklin. We've been gone almost 2 years, and I still miss it! I

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