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2012 marks our first full year of marriage, lots of trips, Ben’s graduation, and settling into our life together. Maybe we’ll have a couple edition later, but for now, here are Elisabeth’s 2012 highlights: 
  1. In February the only place you can climb outside is St. George, and so we headed down with our favorites Dave and Sarahjane for a weekend of camping, climbing, and adventure (blog post here). 
  2. In March my dream of BYU Bloggers meet up finally came to fruition with the help of my darling Brooke and Awkward Girls. It was an evening of new friends, food, and lots of prizes (recap post here).  – 
  3. At the end of March I jetsetted off to NYC for 10 days of family, sightseeing, and Model United Nations competition with the BYU team (one blog post here).
  4. In June we headed up to Bear Lake with Dave and Sarahjane for a weekend of relaxation and sunburns. (blog post here)
  5. Also in June I ran into Jef from the Bachelorette (thank you blogging get-togethers) and then became an avid bachelorette follower (blog post here).
  6. Ben and I headed out to Cali in April for a week and again in August. We love having family close enough that we can drive out for a week of health and relaxation(trip one here and trip two here).
  7. In July my little sister (and best friend) Maddie headed out to Utah for a youth camp and I got to steal her for a week after. This freshman in high school edited my term paper, scaled a large rock, endured a few photoshoots, and kept me up way too late (a post from her visit here). 
  8. August marked one full year of marriage along with a miserable week of poison ivy for Ben. We discovered a new favorite pesto recipe and saved our five star dinner for November so Ben didn’t have to put a shirt on for dinner (if only he hadn’t been covered in a red rash…). 
  9. November was a month of travel. It started off with a trip to Texas and then right before thanksgiving I was off to Chicago for a few days with an old friend followed by a weekend of MUN competition, new friends, and deep dish pizza (posts here and here). 
  10. December 5 I turned in my 30 page senior thesis. If you have any questions on American economic competitiveness, the workforce, or revamping legal immigration and the public education system, just let me know 😉 (proud picture of me here). 
  11. For our big Christmas present Ben’s parents gave us two days in San Francisco! We got back Friday evening and fell in love with the city, despite the hills (lots of pictures to come). 
  12. My all time highlight of 2012 was the unexpected change to do something quite ordinary for most, go home. I had just four an a half days before we headed to California for the holidays and it was wonderful. (thoughts on home here). ]
Here’s to a 2013 that is just as busy, just as fun, and just wonderful!

Oh and I almost forgot! – linking up here, its tradition.

What were highlights of your 2012?
What are you hoping happens in 2013?


  1. So jealous that you got to travel so much! Maybe 2013 will bring a meeting between us? Crossing my fingers!

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