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This little family of mine is everything. I held Lincoln through his last nap today, just rocking in his nursery (with the curtains closed and the ocean noise app on) and stared at that perfect baby face. It made my heart so heavy – with grief, with fear, and with a bit of guilt.

Sometimes God’s reminders that this life is temporary are painful. Sometimes they seem so unfair, almost cruel. My heart is a bit heavier, my cheeks more often wet, but I am reminded of a favorite quote from Corrie Ten Boon: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” 

There are many good things in this life. There are some important things. And there are very few critical (eternal) things. I wonder why I bother sometimes with anything but the latter.

And so, at 8:20pm as I head off to bed I’m not complaining that I’ve been up since 2:45am with this baby….and as I look at these carefree pictures from Sunday evening, I’m committing to cherishing these two a bit more this week – because they are some of the few things that really matter.

^”no candids for me, mom”

Lincoln’s romper: GAP via thredUP

P.S. Have you tried thredUP before? I’ve ordered a lot of Lincoln’s clothes from there and just picked up a few summer things for me too. Its a used clothing site but the curators handpick everything so its all in “like-new” condition. Plus, they have a wide selection that are “new with tags.” And free returns so there’s nothing to worry about. If you haven’t tried it before, here’s $10 off your first order (which can get you a few baby items or a shirt). This isn’t sponsored by thredUP – I just really like them. 

Chambray top: Sheinside, c/o (I’ve been wearing this with skirts, my joggers, and jeans lately)
denim: Lucky Brand
belt: GAP
watch: Daniel Wellington
sunglasses: J.Crew Factory 


  1. Anonymous says:

    That was what I needed to hear. So important. Hope all is well. I looked at thredup and wasn't too impressed. Looked like a bunch of over stock stuff and nothing caught my eye. You have darling fashion in your family.

    1. thank you! its something always worth remembering šŸ™‚

      and thredUP is stuff the people have cleaned out of their closet (anyone can request a bag to fill up and mail in and then they sort through it and decide what is worth reselling and either send back or donate the rest). i've found some real gems …but you do have to sort through it — just like an online thrift store- its hit or miss šŸ™‚

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