My Morning Fix: Green Smoothie and Favorite Cereal

In an effort to document and share a bit more of the daily life on here, today I’m sharing my breakfast routine (too boring? go look at this old picture or this old dance video).

Half the time my day starts off about 7:20 when I wake up to take Ben to work. I’m home before 8, usually in time to grab a granola bar and head out to meet friends for a morning walk (yes, walking group does make me sound like 50, but starting your morning out with great conversation, a little exercise, and the cutest eleven month old is my type of morning). Around ten I’ll be back to start breakfast #2 (if you count granola bar as #1): Vanilla and Almond Special K with a favorite green smoothie.

Our green smoothie frenzy started our last few months in Provo and they’ve now become a regular part of our diet (as in the food we intake – neither of us are on “diets”). This one is nothing special, but its our tried-and-true go-to smoothie. I love it for breakfast, but sometimes we use it as a light dinner or an after workout evening snack. The kale and yogurt give it lots of protein and while the OJ has sugar, I like the sweetness it gives it.

Serves 1 (generous serving):

  • 1 banana
  • 5 ice cubes (a handful, I don’t actually count) 
  • 1/2 C orange juice (I just pour a little in – no measuring required)
  • 2 Large Spoonfuls of Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Fill the rest of the blender up with unpacked Kale (3 cups?) 

Blend, pour, enjoy!

P.S. The great thing about green smoothies is they aren’t an exact science. Experiment with the Kale till you get an amount you like, add another banana if you want it to be creamier, and feel free to get creative with additional ingredients.

What do you put in your breakfast smoothies? 


  1. Your green smoothie is such a pretty color!!! I love green smoothies but mine always come out looking a bit brown.

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