My January Goals


Have you set new years resolutions yet? Goals for 2020?

I love the new year as a chance to reflect and set lofty goals for the year ahead. In years passed I’ve mapped out each month with a different focus, made a list of things I want to do each day for the year, and come up with fun spreadsheets to hold myself accountable for a long list of things. 

And this year. it is really hard for me to see beyond next week. 

I’m holding Westley’s sleep schedule accountable … and the fact that, with the exception of that weekend in London and that two night getaway to the White Mountains, I haven’t slept for more than 3 hours in a row in almost five months.

I’ve mostly been impressed with how functional we can all be on so little sleep. It is much better than I would have expected (which, in part, has meant I haven’t done everything I could to promote great sleep habits for this little baby boy). I enjoy a lot of things throughout the day. I can meet the needs of my family. I can get out of the house for an occasional evening with friends. 

But there is little energy for anything else. 

Business progress? Educational goals? Big family outings? Who am I kidding. 

We have started sleep training this week (it is horrible, thanks for asking) so I have great hopes of renewed energy + capacity in February. Maybe then I’ll sit down and plan out the rest of 2020 but for now, I feel like I can manage goals for January. 

I’ve broken them down into four categories (the same four categories we used for setting goals with each of the kids and for our family): 

Goals for January 2020


  • No desserts / treats: I need a reset after a period of indulging + feasting in December … and have a goal of fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes at some point this year. Mainly though, this no sugar/desserts for a month is something on my 30 by 30 list and January seems the best month to cross this one off before November. It a self control exercise more than a health exercise. Reading The Case Against Sugar right now has me spending a lot of time thinking about how I want to handle our family’s sugar intake going forward. 
  • Run 5 miles per week (building up to 2 miles at a time by the end of the month): I have just started getting back into exercise since having Westley and running is still really hard for me (and my pelvic floor). Another 30 by 30 item is to run a 10k so I have a long way to go (as of now, the longest distance I have run in my entire life is 3 miles….therapy after a college breakup years ago).  


  • Daily 15 minutes of solo scripture reading (and just any scripture reading on days when 15 minutes of personal study isn’t going to happen)
  • Meaningful family prayers in the mornings (even just in the car before preschool) 


  • Read 10 books: so far I’ve finished and really liked Little Women (the audible adaptation is SO fun!) and More than Enough (perfect for this month of not buying any non-consumables). You can see my 2020 reading list here. 
  • Listen to news podcast or read “the skimm” 2 times per week: I used to be so good about this  – sometime after Lincoln was born I would listen to the BBC world report podcast each morning at the beginning of my gym workout. One downside of my 2019 goal of reading 100 books was I ditched podcasts altogether. 
  • Listen to Japanese daily: Another 30 by 30 item is to be conversant in another language and my Japanese has seen much better days (I was born in Tokyo and lived in Japan until age 11). I’m not ready to commit to anything more than listening right now but so far I’ve downloaded some music and a few podcast episodes. 


  • Host something in our home: I really love spending time with people in our home and now that we have more space than our student apartment and I’m coming out of the newborn fog, I’m excited to do more of this. 
  • No phones in bed at night: We have done this on and off in our marriage and I feel more connected to Ben and get more sleep when we aren’t both scrolling our phones in bed before we fall asleep. 
  • Read to my kids each day (from the Book of Mormon, poetry, our read-aloud, or picture books): I wasn’t sure the best category for this goal but after reading The Read Aloud Family last year, this has been high on my priority list. 


  • Don’t feed Westley for the first 8 hour night stretch: Baby boy doesn’t need to eat at night (according to the ped at 2 months of age when he weighed in at 14 pounds) …but he settles so much more easily after a few ounces of milk that I have been feeding him every three hours at night since he was born. This week we’ve managed 4 nights so far of 8 hours of not eating (with lots of waking up) and I have a goal of not caving to exhaustion and just feeding him to make that one night easier (delayed gratification at its finest). 


What are your resolutions for the new year?


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