My husband has great taste

Coat: Nordstrom// Scarf: Parisian street vendor// jeans: GAP// boots: Nine West 

We had a few days last week that were chilly enough to wear coats. I know, I know, I should toughen up and save them for the colder winter months ahead but I’m always a little excited to break into my coats. (confession: they’re one of my favorite things to buy and to wear). The one Ben picked out for my birthday last year. Yes, my husband does have excellent taste.

I cant wait for it to get cold enough to wear a jacket I picked up over the summer (huge sales = the best time to buy nice coats). Think little red riding hood meets the voluturi.

On a less materialistic note, I just finished my one and only midterm for my capstone class. Now I just have three weeks to write a thirty page paper on U.S. – Sino relations and I’ll be practically done with the crowning gem of my education. Oh and we’re going to a debate party tonight. I may have to break out my Romney shirt.

You can see more of the pictures K took here
And I curled my hair all by myself (big deal) thanks to this video
Do you like the pink tweed?
Does your husband ever pick out clothes for you?
Will you be watching the debate?


  1. The jacket is cute & so are the photos girlie. & hmm does lingerie count? He always gets me baby doll from VS & I love them but as far as clothes go he does not like to shop for those hehe!

  2. Stop being so gorgeous! And ben seriously did way good on that coat. go ben. and GO ROMNEY!

    love you.

  3. Love the coat! My husband however doesn't dare to pick out clothes for me. The most he does is give his opinion on something I pick out. I do know though that he likes patterned scrub tops compared to solid scrub tops. haha random and funny kid my husband is! I watch all the debates, have fun at your party tonight!

  4. um, heck YES your hubby has great style!!! My husband picks out my clothes a lot. In fact one of my fondest memories is when we were at a mall and walked by a store…he slowed down and said 'Now, this looks fantastic with a denim jacket..' and went in to buy me the dress. It was so random/awesome.

  5. You're absolutely gorgeous! And that coat? Your husband definitely has amazing taste. Go Ben!

  6. love the jacket! I love fall weather! Husband could never buy me clothes, i would get workout clothes since that is the one thing he is good at buying me

  7. You are SO pretty and I seriously want your hair. I love your coat too! Ben did a good job!

  8. You look gorgeous, and K did a great job on the pictures! 😀 And your husband picked out this coat?! SO cute!

  9. That is a stellar coat! And I love the photography.

    When I am majorly frustrated with my wardrobe I let my boyfriend pick out an outfit for me but otherwise I don't really trust him. (I wouldn't even let him buy my engagement ring without me there to supervise. Eep.)

  10. Wow, that's an awesome coat! He did a really good job! 🙂

  11. I love these pictures, so pretty!

    I love your coat and I'm impressed your husband picked out your outfit. My husband never picks out my clothing.

  12. US-Sino relations? What are you studying? I wrote my capstone on Humanitarian Intervention way back when for my Poli Sci degree…yours sounds like something politics related, too! Good luck. Those capstones can be brutal.

    My husband *loves* picking out clothes for me (it's kinda cute) and I love love your jacket! Way to go, Ben! 🙂

  13. I love that coat! Thanks for linking up to The GFC Collective, hope you come back next week!

  14. I'm so in love with your pictures…they are so beautifull and you are so pretty in them!!
    and no, we didnt notice that your pants were ripped!!

  15. pink tweed looks amazing!! i love this coat. i have a complete weakness for coats. i have waaayy to many and yet i like to treat myself to a new one each year. Your hair looks super pretty, well done you! And of course, gorgeous photos!xx

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