My goodness.

Because this darling boy screamed the whole hour and a half home from the airport tonight,

I’m going to go take a long bubble bath after eating some ice cream drowned in sprinkles…or maybe just lots and lots of chocolate. And save our weekend update for tomorrow.

[photos from two weeks ago right before Lincoln decided he likes the grass about as much as he likes long drives home from Detroit]


  1. SO handsome! And that was our day yesterday, due to teething mainly. But Declan hates the car seat and so long drives…or any stopping whatsoever…stress me out!
    Yum, eat lots of ice cream and sprinkles for me! Rainbow sprinkles with DQ's chocolate soft serve are my favorite:)

  2. Hang in there, mama! My little man woke up and screamed from 10-11pm last night! The worst.

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