My Biggest Stress // My Easiest Relaxation

Happy Thursday! Guess what today is? GENDER DAY! It’ll also be the first time Ben’s been to an ultrasound (I might be more excited for him to see the continual dance parties inside me than to find out the gender). On the baby note: 
My biggest cause of stress this week? Reading about how a mother’s stress effects the baby’s brain. Its like asking you not to think of an elephant..and I could feel my pulse rising as I made my way through that chapter. Did you know that part of the way you deal with stress is directly link to the way your mother handled stress while you were in utero? Yeah, me neither. I guess I can forgive my mom for the poor eye genes šŸ˜‰
As I’ve been making a conscious effort to take time to relax these past few weeks, I’ve relied heavily on a new set of products — and a new routine. There’s something about the exotic scent of amber whisks me off to another time and place, so I love the new Wild Argan Oil line from The Body Shop (and a few new candles I’ve picked up this month). 
The relaxation routine starts with the wild argan oil bubble bath. There is really nothing better. The scent of the amber bubbles fill the whole bathroom and its so easy to forget the cares of the day.  My recipe lately has involved quite a few candles, zero lights, and an audiobook playing from the counter. If its a late evening bath, I love to keep the candles burning until bed and turn off all the rest of the lights in the apartment before slipping into the hot water. It has me convinced there is something incredibly romantic about losing power. Am I the only one? 
If its more of an afternoon event (wait, you don’t take bubble baths in the late afternoon after work?), then its usually right after a shower and the perfect way unwind..or maybe get ready for a fun date night. Last week, after one such bath, we headed to the state fair… here are a few iphone snaps from the night (some made it onto instagram, some didn’t):

 ^^totally twinning.

 ^fair food

 ^^you can tell how much bubble bath I’ve used (and these pictures were shot about a week and and a half after these arrived

 A few other favorites from the line:

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter: I’ve been using it to relieve itchy skin and in attempt to prevent stretch marks but I love the smooth rich texture of this stuff. I’m not sure why I waited till I was pregnant to get ahold of some.  (I want this mini version for my purse) 
Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub: This exfoliator leaves my legs incredibly smooth. I use it about once a week. Other than the bubble bath, its my favorite. 
Hair and Body Spray Oil: This argan oil spray is meant for skin and hair alike, but I use it mainly on my legs. It adds a bit of shine and a lot of moisture. 
Lip Butter: This was the most unexpected favorite for me and has made a huge difference! A little bit at night keeps my lips hydrated for the next 24 hours (and its done wonders for Ben’s dry lips…even if he does cringe every time I call it “lip butter” šŸ™‚ 
**I’ve also been using the shower gel and lotion – they’re great, nothing more to report. 

P.S. Check out this page for Body Shop discounts + More

P.P.S. Baby is healthy, active, and very large (measuring about a week ahead of schedule) — gender reveal coming soon!

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  1. I'm obsessed with The Body Shop. The body butter is my favorite! I love baths but haven't had one in such a long time!

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