Mothers Day 2020

What a time to be a mom. 

This year we celebrated up at my parents house, where we have been riding out a lot of the pandemic. All four of the siblings were home and it’s the first time we’ve been together for Mothers Day since I left for college 10 years ago. 

I slept in, we had family church, we ate a delicious meal, we played games, we visited my grandma’s grave. We also blessed sweet baby Westley, surrounded by lots of family. 

Lincoln made me some “homemade perfume” from the flowers and leaves he’d gathered in the garden and then boiled with some water and food coloring (with help). His excitement as he handed over his treasured gift was so sweet (much sweeter than the actual smell of this “perfume”). 

I listened to Jeffrey R. Holland’s remarks titled “Behold Thy Mother,” like I have the last few mother’s days. What a powerful reminder that motherhood is a sacred calling, a laborious task, a partnership with the Divine. 

I am so grateful for the privilege of being a mother.

And I hope I can remember that more often when the days are long and the nights are rough. I would pick this again and again.

What did I know of joy before this? What did I know of love before this? What did I know of sacrifice and growth and struggle before this? 

And what a treasured phase to watch my own mother continue mothering (me! my siblings! my kids!). I realize she has never stopped serving + loving + sustaining me and I have never been more grateful for it than these last few months. 

As I kissed my babies goodnight on Sunday I had them repeat a few affirmations 

“I am kind. I am a child of God. I am loved.” 

(we mix it up – sometimes there’s “I am awesome. I can do hard things. Mistakes help me learn and grow.” 

I added in whispered tones to Lincoln that before he was born I wasn’t a mom, yet, and that I was so grateful he came into our family. 

“I made you a mom! That means I gave you four gifts today: the perfume, a hug, a kiss, and making you a mom.” 

I am grateful for the chance to celebrate motherhood – to take the time to recognize what a work and a privilege it is – to honor the responsibility and influence of mothers, whether you are one or not. I am also grateful for a tribe of women in which I feel seen, honored, and supported in this role of shaping souls. It is hard work but it can be joyful work and I am here to celebrate it. 

I love these pictures Ben snapped of me and the kids. These days my hands are full. And you should see my heart. 



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