Most Used: vol 1

Just a quick introduction: I have a brand new blog series today (tonight) that I’m pretty excited about. Every 4-6 weeks I’ll be sharing the products I’ve been using the most frequently, second only to my toothpaste and deodorant. I’m sure they’ll end up being things I really like and would wholeheartedly recommend, but the criteria will simply be that they’re my most used products from the last few weeks.

So without further ado –

Most Used: Volume 1

1. Buxom Lip Foundation in Undressed is my all-time favorite lip product. I love the darker “Revealed” shade for layering under bright lipsticks for a totally different look (but I left it in a purse pocket a few weeks ago so haven’t been using it much). This “Undressed” shade is perfect for layering under lipstick and keeping them true to color. It has totally replaced lip liner for me lately and I’ll throw this color on without any other makeup just for a little definition. Plus, it works as a stand alone nude lipstick.

2. bareSkin Perfecting Veil is a finishing powder I use on top of whatever makeup I’m wearing, but I also will dust it on a bare face to reduce shine (which I’ve been doing a lot more lately thanks to the next three products). I’ve used some version of this veil for seven years now but the formula has changed slightly and I love this new compact version instead of the loose powder.

The last three are all part of Bare Minerals new skin care line that last month <insert happy dance>. I’ve been an avid Bare Minerals fan and customer for seven years now so I was thrilled to get my hands on their new products. I’ve been using them for over a month now and they are MORE AMAZING than I expected. I’ve tried a lot of different skin care regimens over the last few years and while there have been plenty that I’ve really liked, I’ve NEVER had such a drastic positive improvement in my skin within a few days of use.

Also, often when I start a new skin care regimen its because I’m looking for better skin so I’m more diligent about washing my face twice a day and drinking plenty of water. When I started using these products, I was not consistent and I needed to be drinking at least twice the amount of water. So, the miracle is all in the products. The combo I used has improved the quality of my skin, making me feel much better about heading out with no foundation and…. I just like my face a whole lot more.

3. True Oasis Moisturizer: I only need a tiny bit of this gel moisturizer and it goes a long way. I use this morning and night (most days) and the blend of peptides, ceramides, and amino acids help soften my skin (I looked that up) and reduce the appearance of lines. It also enhances the skins overal resilleince and supplemenss which is what I’ve been noticing with the increased smoothness.

4. Skinlongevity Serum: Everything I’ve been reading has told me a need to start using an anti-aging serum and this one is packed with some really neat ingredients. Everything is natural and effective and I’ve been applying it to my face and neck once a day.

5. Clay Chameleon Cleanser: I love using this once a day and once a week I try to leave it on for at least five minutes and use it more as a mask (usually I’ll put it on before I get in the shower and then wash it off followed by an exfoliator). This is a completely different texture of cleanser than I have ever used before and my skin loves it.

What products have you been using the most lately?
Anything new that you’re excited about? 

P.S. This post is not sponsored by Bare Minerals. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with them on projects in the past, and occasionally they send me products as gifts (with no obligation to post about them), but my goal for this series is to simply grab the products that have spent the most time on my bathroom counter that month ….and this time they all happen to be from Bare Minerals. 

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