Morning Snuggles

It’s happened! My baby smiles! My baby smiles!

So newborns are wonderful – they’re tiny and cuddly and they sleep a lot. They also aren’t very expressive and communicate everything by crying. So, while I’ve loved this baby girl from the start, it is very nice to be greeted by her tiny grin each morning after waking up to her starving cries (which I don’t hold against her, because when a two month old goes TEN hours at night without eating, they have a right to be hungry).

It is also worth noting that even better than Adelaide smiling at me in the morning is Adelaide smiling at Lincoln in the morning. He comes up to her mamaroo and tries to pick her up while talking in the sweetest (and highest) voice he can muster. She stares right at him and starts cooing, all while I melt into one huge puddle on the floor of her nursery. There is nothing more wonderful than watching the people you love, love your baby… but when “people” is your older baby, it is. the. best.

Just Born sent us some darling little things for Adelaide that scream precious little girl. Their new Just Born Sparkle Collection is absolutely darling and newly available at BuyBuyBaby (and online). I love the little gold bows (and the gold polka dots on the onesies are my very favorite). Plus, I don’t feel a need to track down one of her hair ribbons when she’s in this – no mistaking her for a boy in this footie šŸ˜‰

And just a few more pictures because I think she’s cute: 
^My brother asked on facetime today if we haven’t learned how to brush a baby’s hair yet. I explained that with five naps a day, bed head is inevitable.

^See! A smile! 
^I don’t see any resemblance yet, but I promise, this is the baby I carried for 9 months šŸ™‚

on Adelaide: this footie + this onesie, c/o

Thank you to Just Born for sponsoring this post! 

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  1. So adorable! I think that Lincoln favors you a lot, and Adelaide favors your husband, which could totally flip-flop as they grow!

    India | IndiaHillWrites.com

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