Monday’s Food for Thought – and some favorite pictures.

Today I have 4930284 things to do. 
But I thought I’d share some favorites with you.

These pictures.
Taken by the lovely Sarahjane: Bearlake, UT September 2011

This quote: 
Read it.
Ponder it.
Live it.



  1. Ha! The first picture is hilarious. Love it!

  2. Love the first picture. That is totally awesome. And the quote. Such a good quote.

  3. Gorgeous photos! It looks like a pretty place.
    I love the quote.

  4. ha, that first pic is so funny! and the quote is lovely. x

  5. Your pictures are wonderful!! Loving the blog! xo.

  6. I absolutely love that quote! And your pictures are awesome! And also make me miss the summer! Teehee! :]

  7. in regards to the first picture… you big slut! good for you!

    (please see sassy gay friend: romeo and juliet on youtube…)

    also, thanks for following my blog! i can't wait to read more from you and i look forward to seeing you around my blog and possibly ad swapping/guest posting in the future!

    mrs. dtf

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