Moments to Remember


4 months (written a few months back)

  • Today Byron made Linc chuckle. Shelley, Shakespeare, and Dr. Seuss did nothing for him, but good old Byron brought on the laughter (something funny about smiles that win and cheeks that glow).
  • While today he was all literary, on Friday it was Niki Minaj’s Super Bass that brought on the giggles. Justin Beiber got nothing. Taylor Swift: nothing. But Nikki had my baby in a fit of giggles. He must have sensed that was the first song I remember listening to with Ben, on a long road trip to California with friends before we started dating.
  • I was singing to Linc today and it really felt like I’d arrived. Yeah, I’m only twenty-four. And yes, I have so much more living to do, so many great things to accomplish and all that jazz, and I’ll probably look back at 24 and laugh at how naive this thought was, but I’ve arrived. It feels like so much has culminated in this.
Almost 7 months
  • We had a near death episode with a cheerio.
  • He started to crawl this week. It is more of an army crawl/scoot, but he can get around.
  • Lincoln had me and Ben in a fit of laughter on Saturday when I got out the camera to take his picture and he made a beeline for me. I set the camera down and let him crawl to it (he’s obsessed with the camera strap) and once he was there he spotted my phone, about three feet away, and off he went, camera in tow, toward Mom’s other favorite piece of technology. Just imagine this chubby baby, hauling himself across the carpet, dragging a camera as big as his head šŸ˜€
  • I’ve started singing hymns to him before naps and it helps calm him down.
  • Lincoln loves food. We’ve been letting him feed himself chunks of whatever we’re eating (most of the time) and last night’s pizza was probably the biggest hit yet. Although he loved Ben’s green smoothie last weekend and looked like a little puppy lapping it out of Ben’s glass.
We also developed a larger than life poster of Lincoln tonight for my sister’s dorm room. I think the 2′ by 3′ might have been overkill. šŸ˜€


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