Mom stress around feeding your children + a fix

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Mom talk today – so if you’re not into that, scroll through the pictures, bookmark it for a new mom friend, and come back tomorrow.

My biggest source of anxiety after becoming a mom has been about feeding my baby. Scratch that, my biggest source of anxiety in my entire life was feeding my baby. First it was those early months when the doctor put on the heavy pressure to gain weight despite me being so sick. Then it was the horrible nursing experience. Next it was the stressful pumping experience. Only 5 or 6 weeks post partum when I decided it wouldn’t be the death of Lincoln if I supplemented with a few ounces of formula as needed did I stop dreading the nights (wondering if there would be enough milk, and feeling the knot form in my stomach as the sun began to set – why are the nights always so much scarier?).

When we switched completely to formula just before Linc was five months, it was such a freeing experience (literally, because I got back a couple hours of my day not strapped to a machine feeling like a cow), but we also started counting down the months till we were done with that stuff. Now that we’re just a couple months away from his first birthday, I’ve been dreading taking him off formula. It might be expensive, and I might hate the way it smells, but at least I know its giving him everything he needs. The idea of preparing well balanced meals for him is overwhelming, realizing that his physical + mental development is totally dependent on me.

So, when Nutrimom asked if I wanted to try out their program + nutrition coaching, I was relieved and excited. This brand new program gives you a personal Registered Dietitian/ Nutrition Coach (who also happens to be a mom) who can work with you on healthy eating for the baby’s first 1000 days of life. I wish this had been around when I was pregnant and trying to be more conscious about what I was eating or those early months of breastfeeding. But I’m incredibly relieved to have it now and feel so much more confident about keeping Lincoln healthy.
With their regular monthly subscription you get unlimited access to personal messaging with Early Life Nutrition Experts through the program (I love that its all on my phone but you can also use it on a desktop) + and 1 on 1 sessions with your personal Nutrition Coach. While I just started using it and incorporating some of their tips (in addition to the coaching you get access to TONS of curated articles on nutrition, sleep, stress management, etc), I’ll keep you posted on how its going. Also, if you have a favorite foods to feed little ones, please share. Lincoln eats anything and I’m always looking for new foods for him to try!

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  1. Such a neat service! I formula fed both of my kids for really similar reasons and it was such a lifesaver for our family both times around. One of my son's favorite dinners are black bean burritos with brown rice. I love it because it's cheap and healthy, and he thinks it tastes great!

  2. It's a good thing your guy eats well and isn't picky. My daughter is so picky that most of what she eats is unhealthy. Now that's anxiety!!

  3. My baby girl was born in February, so our little ones are about the same age and I can relate with so much you post about! My baby girl loves just about anything I make from the "bebe gourmet" baby food cookbook 😀

  4. Great to know! I'm due with my first baby in just two months, so I'm definitely going to check out this service!

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