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Mimic Mommy: 5 Ways to Set a Healthy Example for Your Kids

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I’m catching my kids doing the funniest things these days. Like yesterday, when Lincoln lectured Ben about taking a toy away from Adelaide, “Daddy! I need you to give that toy back to Adelaide RIGHT NOW.”

And then I realize it’s probably the same thing I said to him two hours earlier and it’s impossible to be frustrated. (I’ll take any tips on teaching toddlers respect + deference for their parents.)

They’ve also been asking to dress like me, drink whatever is in my glass, and “work” on the spare keyboards we have floating around the apartment.

It’s a little bit of pressure to be constantly modeling the behavior you want for your kids (and it’s a good thing it’s also worth while modeling apologies). There are a million different thing I want my kids to learn from me, so today I’m sharing five ways to set a healthy example for your kids. We’re strictly talking physical health here, but we might be due for a similar “emotional health” post (when I’m finished trying all the suggestions on teaching kindness + empathy).

If you’re hoping to set a good example about being healthy + taking care of your body for your kids, keep reading.

Mimic Mommy: 5 Ways to Set a Healthy Example for Your Kids - from the morning all the way to bedtime!

Stretch + Be Active:

Show your child how exercising can be fun and build a positive culture around being active. Maybe it’s making the gym a regular part of your day and talking about how you look forward to it or maybe it’s going through a yoga flow while your child is playing. It could also be as simple as doing basic stretches to wind down the evening. Find ways to be active together but also model the behavior and how you make it a priority on your own.

If you’re looking to get your little one involved, we love going through yoga poses together or doing short exercise circuits of jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and planks. My kids get a kick out of it and are so proud to be doing what Mom is doing. Kick off your morning with a few downward dogs and other active moves to start the day off on the right foot together!

Take your vitamins:

The easiest way to get your kids to eat the things you want, is to have them watch you eat them every day. While I set out breakfast for the kids each morning, I also grab vitamins for all of us—setting them next to each person’s bowl/plate.

I recently ordered some Renew Life®  Probiotics for me and the kids from Amazon after talking with our pediatrician in July (Amazon is slowly taking over the world - it’s hard to believe we ever lived without this convenience). After doing a bit of my own research on digestive health, I decided to introduce the Renew Life® Ultimate Flora™ Women’s Care Probiotic 25 Billion (30 ct size) probiotic into my morning routine (instead of just when I was starting to get sick). I didn’t realize that, in addition to the good kind of bacteria, probiotics increase the digestibility + processing of lots of nutrients (including proteins, fats, calcium, iron carbs, milk, sugars, and cholesterol). It can also help with reduced stress and increased energy levels which can be very necessary in this household!

For my kids, they help support their immune health and reduce upset stomachs when food is hard to digest. But mostly, they just like the fun tasting strawberry tablet when I’m taking my probiotic in the morning.

Right now, you can head to Amazon to save $5 on the kids 3 Billion 90ct Probiotics and get great values on Renew Life™ products for the whole family too!  a great deal on the women’s probiotics too.

Drink lots of water:

You might prefer sweet and sugary drinks, but if that’s all your child sees you drink, it’s likely all he will want, too. Let your child see you drinking lots of water each day and hearing things like “I’m really thirsty, some cold water sounds really good right now.”

There are lots of kid water bottles, and my little guys love sharing my water or having a bottle that is just for them. Start them off with an 8oz glass in the morning to set them up for a day of hydrated success!

Limit your own screen time:

We’ve heard lots of different recommendations about screen time for kids. Depending on their age, things range from 2 hours a week to 2 hours a day. You have probably thought of how you want your child to use screens, but have you set rules for yourself? Do you have guidelines in place for how much time you spend on your phone or how often your kids see you on technology?

Consider a tech-free zone or tech-free time in your home or during your day. Do you want your kids to keep their cell phones (eventually) away from the dinner table? Then don’t bring yours. Is your rule no screens in the bedroom? Make sure you’re following it, too, and plug your phone in on your desk before going to bed. Model the tech rules you want your children to follow, and let them see you monitoring your own use of technology.

**I had a friend who pulled out a book and put it in front of her phone if she was going to sit there on the couch and scroll while her kids played. At least if they looked over, they’d think their mom was reading a book.

Eat a variety of healthy foods + snacks:

Find healthy snacks you enjoy eating, and let your child see you snacking on a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains.Find healthy snacks you enjoy eating and let your child see you snacking on a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains.

You can set out healthy snacks for your kids, but also consider introducing new foods just by eating them yourselves and letting your kids observe you. Pretty soon mine are asking for a taste.

Don’t forget to head to the Amazon page HERE and get your Renew Life Probiotics for the whole family;, get some great values, and set your days up for (gut-healthy) success!

Now tell me, how do your kids imitate you? What are you trying to be better about?  

Here are 5 easy ways for Moms to set a healthy example for their kids!


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  1. I find it so hard to limit screen time since it’s work, but I always feel so much better when I just put it all away and walk away for a few hours!

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