McKnightfest [Part 1]

I’ve spent the past week down in Texas with the fam (and by family I mean 10 aunts and uncles and 20 cousins). We’ll let the pictures do most of the talking today. 
Getting there: My mom and sisters picked me up in Cincy en route from NH to Texas. We spent 14 hours on Monday in a car. At rest stops we did yoga:

After 10 hours in a car, I find myself in weird positions.

My backseat buddy decided to do a little stretching of her own #gymnast

We finally got to grandpas in time for a gorgeous Texas sunset that night.

We spent the next full day at Grandpa’s pool celebrating some birthday’s and family togetherness. Grandpa, most of the aunts, and all of the cousins braved the water slide 🙂 

After a day of swimming we headed back for dinner, cake, and more family bonding.

Wednesday we were back to the pool, but this time at Aunt Jenny’s. Lots of volleyball, lounging, and chatting.

That night marked the opening ceremonies of the highland games. We learned about our scottish heritage, had a good scottish roasting (read: making fun  of the men and the women), and a scottish feast.

The Earnshaw clan dawned our scottish print for the occasion.

My crazy cousins:

We started the fourth of July off early with a big church picnic breakfast (not pictured) and then had the highland games at a nearby park. We competed in a log throw, foot races, and an obstacle course, among other things.

^^these two cute cousins were darling

^^Earnshaw women are strong!

P.S. I have the most wonderful family. We were missing so many cousins between missions, school, and jobs, but even still, it was a blast.


  1. The weirdest thing ever? I've met most of these people, hugged these little girls, and giggled and hung out with you. Weird but amazing.

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