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Matching Fourth of July Swim Suits + Life Update

Lincoln’s swim trunks + shirt, c/o // Adelaide’s rash guard + bottoms,c/o  

We made it to New England! It has been a crazy week of driving across the country, a moving company fiasco (DO NOT, under any circumstances use EZ Moving Van Lines or David and Goliath Movers), and lots of celebrating between birthdays and graduations for my extended family here in New Hampshire.

It is already so fun having Ben off work for the summer before he starts his MBA program in the fall and Lincoln is especially loving every second of it. I’m enjoying a bit of extra time to sneak off and work and have lots of exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you! If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see more of this summer (family outings? style posts? easy recipes? the hard parts of motherhood?) – leave a comment or email me at [email protected] so I can fit it in.

We’re still in the middle of unpacking so we’ve been keeping it pretty low key this last week (you know, with outings to the basement and the swing set in the yard).

To beat the heat earlier this week we did sneak off just the four of us to a friend’s gorgeous pool for an hour or two of swimming.

My timid little toddler spend a few minutes just standing at the end of the pool and then, without warning, jumped right into the water! I had to scoop him out as he sputtered for air! I guess it might be time for some heavier duty swim lessons than the little mommy + me class we took at the YMCA in the spring.

These kids continue to surprise me.

Adelaide and Lincoln wore their cute Americana swim suits from Little Me and I can’t get over little Adelaide in that rash guard. If you’re looking for cute summer kids suits or something for the Fourth of July, both of their suits are on sale right now! Also, I’m loving that there are so many cute rash guards for kids right now because trying to keep them still long enough to get a full coat of sunscreen is near impossible.

^About a minute before he decided to jump straight in :/

^”Go up in the air, Daddy!”

^A little snack break for this teething baby 

^this was seconds before he jumped (and I’m so glad I was standing right there). 

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