Marriage // you pick a person and get a family

When Ben flew to New Hampshire at the end of July in 2011, he had met my mother once. He’d spoken with my dad over the phone. He’d never met my siblings.

He would marry me a week later.

I wasn’t worried they wouldn’t get along, and maybe if I had been, it would have been more important that that he interact with them before we sealed the deal.

I remember Maddie that summer (I was home for a month and a half in New Hampshire before the wedding without Ben). She was always speculating. What would Ben be like? What would she talk to him about? Almost three years later I’m capturing moments like this. ^^^^

My sisters wanted to know why I haven’t been putting bows in Ben’s hair up until now. Clearly I should have thought about it already. 
One thing I did notice about this trip is the difference between going home alone and going home with Ben. This past trip was my fifth home in the last twelve months (I feel so incredibly blessed for that) and my third with Ben. Of course when he’s with me we spend time with my family together and we do things just the two of us, but what I noticed this time is the difference with which I interact with my sisters. When its just me coming home its almost as if I revert back to life in high school, or maybe that summer I spent at home after freshman year. I’m just one of the sisters, young and immature. When Ben’s home with me things are a tad different. I’m the older sister now, married, and an example. But regardless, all five times there have been plenty of dancing around the bathroom – no boys allowed. 

^glad we’ve moved passed this stage in life šŸ˜‰
^All pictures taken in my front yard about an hour before we left for Cincinnati. Hoping one day we get to live closer to these guys.

^^I’m grateful to this guy for the effort he makes to make my family his

Speaking of being home in New Hampshire, I found this old post from my Christmas break sophomore year right after I’d met Ben. We texted most of that vacation and started dating shortly after.  (its also funny to see how my blogging has changed since then :P).
shirt: ā„… Aeropostale (last seen here)
belt: J. Crew
denim: Lucky Brand
flats: Nine West (all time favorite flats)

on nicole (from my closet)// sweater: ā„… Sanctuary Clothing // bow: Forever 21


  1. It is funny how you marry a person and get a family. I think that's been one of the toughest transitions about being married… getting used to being around his family. They're great people, but after a day I get a really overwhelming feeling of wanting to go back home!

    My husband doesn't get it because with my family living here, he only spends short hours with them and they never stay the night. But it's fun watching how everyone gets along!

  2. These pictures are so stinkin' adorable! All of you guys are beautiful, and it is so fun to catch a glimpse of the great relationship you all have.

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