making history

Jacket: Papaya// Blouse: c/o OASAP/? Jeans: GAP// Heels: old// Belt: GAP
Just popping into say that the Model United Nations conference we ran today was fabulous. I was the director for the General Assembly Plenary and my committee blew me away. We got to voting procedure for both topics! I know that means nothing to you, but take my word for it, I’m pretty sure we made byumun history with that one. My faith has been renewed in the youth of this country.

Oh and that’s what I wore, minus the jeans – dress pants are a little more appropriate for the occasion. I’ve also concluded skinny dress pants are totally fine. If Michele Flourney can wear them to an MUN conference, so can I.

But pulling off an amazing conference usually means very little sleep and given that tomorrow I’d like to not be a zombie – I’m going to turn off the light and allow my body to do what its been begging for since my alarm went off at 5:59 this morning.


Just curious, have any of you ever heard of or participated in MUN?
Here are pictures from our NYC comp in April
And if you happen to be an MUN nerd, I think you’ll find this post amusing.  


  1. I live in Geneva so MUN's here are pretty common. i have friends that participate in the GIMUN. Not my thing but they say it's cool!


  2. Love your outfit! So glad to hear that it went well. You know I'm a MUN nerd 🙂

  3. I have heard of MUN, but never participated in it.

  4. your SO beautiful. I love your outfit. I am glad you did well in your competition. thats awesome! congrats!!

  5. I have never heard of MUN but that is awesome that you were the director! I love your fashion lady, you are so beautiful!

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