Love and Marriage – the weirdest thing

Love is the weirdest thing.
And marriage, its even weirder.

Disclaimer: I love Ben. I am married to him. Its the best choice I’ve made in life so far.

Some couples make sense. You know, the two people who like all the same things, were best friends for a long time, and fell in love and ended up married? I get that I guess (but why were they friends so long without being in love and then fell in love? And why didn’t they want to spend the rest of their life together when they were best friends?)

But this whole “opposites attract” thing. Lets talk about it.

Ben and I were really different. We’re still pretty different. A lot of the time we choose between doing something he wants to do or something I want to do, which are usually two very different things. How in the world did we end up married? (And so incredibly happy?) Is the goal just to find someone who can make you laugh and have fun, regardless of what your interests are? Well, that and someone you’re attracted to. So you want someone who makes you laugh that you’re attracted to  and maybe who you get along with? But then there are those couples who are “so completely in love” who fight all the time? Clearly, love doesn’t make sense.

The longer I’m married and the more couples that I meet, I realize how different each relationship is. Everyone loves differently – but we’re all “in love,” right? How can something that is so different be so universal?

I don’t know. Random thoughts of Elisabeth one Wednesday morning. But I thought I’d share.

Conclusion: Ben and I are really different. We like really different things. Sometimes I wonder how we ended up together, but every day I am so grateful that we did.

Any insight? 
Why do opposites attract? Or were we really just the same deep down all along? 




  1. You're right, it is so crazy. I love my husband yet there are times where we are at each other's throats! At the end of the day, we know we will always be eternal companions and we will always work things out.
    We are the same in so many ways but isn't it funny how being so similar can make you butt heads? Thanks for your insight. It was a very thought provoking read, I enjoyed it!!

  2. I am getting married this Sunday, I have to say some parts of me and my future hubby are very different. He is super patient where I am not but he helps me be patient. I am organized…he is not. But I help him to be. I think in some ways opposites attract but in some ways it's good to enjoy the same things. Thank you for the post 🙂

  3. It is really interesting to see the different relationships people have, sometimes it seems like they're so similar it's scary, other times the differences are surprising. I think what matters is that you work on loving each other and stick with it, if if the differences seem to get bigger.

  4. I love hearing about other "opposites attract" couples since that how my boyfriend and I are. I don't know why it works, but it just does so I keep rolling with it!

  5. Hi Elisabeth, I am Ada. I found your blog last week through one of the link-ups & you've got a new fan. =) I love this post. My Husband and I are so similar in some things & so opposites in others, though we are both a Taurus.

    I just want to let you know that I run a Special Feature every Sunday where I feature Favorite Looks. I am providing the link below. You should check it out because last week I featured you on it as well.

    Last but not least I would love for you to check out My Blog & support My Blog by following as well. Thanks so much, Ada. =)

  6. Oh, how I love Livy Love Designs! That lady is talented.

    Anyways, I feel like you just need balance. I know so many couples that are literally the SAME exact. And they clash because of it. If you have two strong-headed people, it might be kind of hard. My insight. Love you!


  7. I have wonder about this all of the time! Lucas and I were more of the "best friends" that somehow just gradually fell in love. And trust me, I didn't see it going anywhere when we were just friends. But then it did, and it was magical. And though Lucas and I are super alike in most things, we are different enough on a few key things that it keeps life interesting. I don't know, I think love is such a profound thing that even in its countless varieties it still has a way to ground us and make our lives meaningful.

    Love you and miss you!

  8. It's so funny, Nick and I share so many interests, but our personalities are so different. He is very charming, but loves to hang out at home. I'm sassy and I love to be around people and constantly on the go. (P.S. I love Diana too! Her stuff is so cute!)

  9. Such a true post. I think you nailed it – all relationships are different because every person loves differently. I'm really open about my feelings and emotions, while others might take a while to let their walls down – hence the reason why two best friends wait so long to be in a relationship. Josh have a weird balance that works for us. We share similar interests but have different characteristics, ideas, personalities. I feel opposite some times, and then other times so the same. I think the sense of humor needs to mesh no matter what – without that I don't think a relationship would be possible!

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