Look Who Showed Up in Findlay

Look who showed up in Findlay? We haven’t had all six of my very favorite people together since last Christmas and it while it was a small dose of crazy, it was a heavy dose of wonderful.

Most of our hours were spent playing games or eating food, but we did get out to explore downtown Findlay a little bit (and show them that not everything around here is a cornfield ;). Here are a few (too many) pictures from our afternoon around town:

^the city tree

^growing up it was always me and Caleb and then “the two little girls”  (they’re just two years apart and 6 and 8 years younger than I am) but the older we get, the more it seems like its “the three girls” and I’m pretty happy about it 
^nothing makes me happier than watching Caleb and Ben be brothers — you should have seen their nerf gun wars that took over the house one night (why yes, Ben did register for nerf guns at Target for our wedding three years ago….) 
^they don’t call this Flag City USA for nothing 
^just a little party in front of our favorite downtown street art 
^sometimes it blows my mind that this girl is only 17 — she is wise beyond her years (she also hates wearing shoes and might love my unborn child more than I do)

^it is not often that we get a picture of the two of us that doesn’t involve self timer 🙂 
^the best photobombers (and I love how Caleb looks like he’s part of the street art) 
^all together again 🙂 
^the Earnshaw girls (and I’m glad Ben keeps taking pictures after we deteriorate into laughter)  
^there were great quotes from this little game they were playing but now I can’t remember them — but I do love watching these four have fun 🙂 
^I can only imagine, but it must be a special kind of joy to have a whole family that you created and raised all together and having so much fun — I am so grateful for the example of this wonderful mother (and the relief that she’s just a 12 hour drive away when I need to learn how to keep a newborn alive). 
^a 37 week baby bump (or as Caleb affectionately termed it “the basketball effect”) 
^12 months is too long 
^he married me for my family, obviously 😉 
^”don’t drop the baby!” 

on me:
shoes: Nine West (all time favorite flats — a few different colors on sale right now)
blouse: Piper & Scoot, c/o (not maternity but I was thrilled when it worked with the bump)
denim: Gap maternity via ThredUP
coat: Fecbek, c/o
scarf: Greenish via Mommy Mailbox, c/o


  1. Your family is the cutest! I know that your little baby boy is already so loved!

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