Lincoln Turns 4!

This sweet boy turned 4 this month.

We celebrated in California with Ben’s parents. We rode a train around a park, played in the beautiful 50 degree weather, and came home to bake a birthday cake together and eat pizza (Lincoln’s dinner of choice).

He’ll now tell me (all the time), “oh I can do that by myself- I’m four years old.”

He told us he’ll be 4 for the next 49 years and then he’ll turn 5.

He loves building with anything, playing with vehicles, listening to audiobooks, scootering around campus, reading poetry with mom, painting, stickers, baking, wrestling, and being a big brother. He is sometimes loud and crazy and always loves peace and quiet. When the house is clean he exclaims, “oh mom! It looks so beautiful!” He negotiates everything and runs away at most possibilities (we need a leash). His breakfast of choice is always toast and his favorite color is always “all the colors,” unless it’s “red like my dad’s.” He hasn’t grown out of the “why” phase and his new constant question is “how do you know that?”

He still calls animals “aminals” and learned his first scriptures and poem by heart this year.

He’s started getting dressed by himself and prefers to spend all his time in jammies.

He says when we move to a new house this summer that “all my friends with come with us.”

Being his mom is my greatest struggle and most rewarding privilege.

We sure love our Lincoln.


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outfit details:

my sweatshirt: campus bookstore but love this maroon quarter-zip  (more cute sweatshirts here)

my sneakers:  (more cute sneakers here)

Lincoln’s shirt (favorite budget brand for little boy’s clothing)

Lincoln’s shoes: favorite brand for functional kids shoes (quality is fantastic)



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