Lace, Mint, and Gratitude








Ben and I made it back from a quick weekend trip to D.C. on Tuesday and have movers showing up this morning! We’ve really been cramming in trips and fun these last few weeks (months, really) before he starts work again on Monday. 
Amid all of this craziness, here are a few things I’ve been really grateful for: 
  • The perfect host that gave up his bedroom for our weekend in DC (infinitely better than sleeping on our air mattress). 
  • Angel friends that keep me sane, feed us dinner, and make me feel oh so loved.
  • Brave men and women who risk their lives for our freedom. In DC we had the chance to visit many war memorials, Arlington Cemetery, and the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. 
  • My hard working husband. Ben’s been pulling more than his fare share in the prep for this move and maybe its was the weekend living with four single boys, but I’m feeling pretty grateful for this man of mine. 
These pictures are from a Sunday afternoon from a few weeks ago in Utah. It was fun to snap pictures outside of our old apartment (at the same place we took these over a year ago). The outfit was perfect for traveling because the skirt doesn’t wrinkle at all and the shirt held up pretty well. 
I’m off to pack away a few last things so the movers don’t take ALL of our stuff – we still need to live here for a few days 🙂 
Happy Thursday!




skirt: c/o Winsome Jones (sold out of the cream lace but they have so many darling skirts!)
top: Everly c/o Lulus
heels: Madden Girl c/o Lulus (sold out but I found them on sale here


  1. This is such a lovely outfit! Going to use this as inspiration for a classroom outfit.

  2. love that skirt! it looks so pretty that length! Usually they are just a bit too short but this is perfect. love it.

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