Labor Day & Our First Pizza Party of ‘3’

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Does life get any better than three day weekends? At the end of this one, I’m tempted to say no 🙂

Friday we spent the evening at home, cuddled up with a movie.
Saturday we were between farmers markets and fairs (with a good nap in between).
Sunday was church, reading together, skype with dear friends, and more naps.
Today was for exploring, eating, relaxing, and enjoying these last summer days of just the two of us.

After brunch in Maumee (its pronounced like “mommy,” and we try not to laugh every time we say it :P)  and an afternoon of playing tourist and reading in Barnes and Noble, we came home for some more reading and a 20 minute nap that turned into a two hour one (usually this is my fault – but today we can blame it completely on Ben :). It meant we woke up starving with no desire to cook. Instead, we pulled out a DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza™ kit and decorated our own halves of the pizza before tossing it in the oven for twenty minutes. It was our first little pizza party of three 😉 Instead of slaving away in the kitchen, we spent the last minutes of light enjoying our pizza, perfectly sized desserts, and the setting sun (I begged it to stay a little longer – but it wouldn’t listen).

Just a few pictures from our Monday 🙂 
^^The remnants of this fort are right on the Maumee river — we should have brought our bikes and taken advantage of the trails down by the river! 
^a self timer shot to document that we were there — before our extended reading/book shopping in Barnes and Noble (SO many parenting books to choose from – any recommendations?) 
^I love that the pizza kit comes with all of these different toppings — Ben could have a pepperoni pizza without me having to pick anything off my slice 😛 It would also be great with picky eating children who only want certain toppings on their pizza — easiest pizza party ever? yes. 
^^sausage, cheese, pepper and onion mix, and pepperoni .. along with a packet of seasoning
^twenty short minutes later 

^How adorable is this little NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® LIL’ DRUMS™ Cone? Its the baby version and perfectly sized for a little evening treat 🙂 
^You can tell this bump has grown since Saturday…

^We live on the edge of town and have corn fields right next to us … its easily the most scenic apartment we’ve ever lived in (even if it is in the middle of nowhere…)
^the evening sun making nature glow
On days like today, I just want to be able to hit rewind and play it all over again.

Here’s to a four day week!

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