La Vita è Bella

One of my favorite movies begins “This is a simple story… but not an easy one to tell. ” I guess that’s life. Sometimes I have the audacity to complain about it, but lets be serious – it doesn’t get much better than this. My life isn’t perfect yet it’s all I could ask for right now. I have the most wonderful family in the world. My mother is perfect. A friend told me recently that because I still think so means I have yet to see her as a person instead of simply a parental figure – he’s wrong. She’ll always be perfect regardless of the perspective I have. My father is brilliant. If I can become half as wonderful as my mother and half as intelligent as my father, I will have done very well for myself. I also have these things called siblings who make life worth living. Caleb is my best friend. Sometimes I wish more than anything that he were here instead of thousands of miles across the ocean on an island getting tan and having fun without me. He would do anything for me. Madison is the smartest girl I know (and she’s 13.. you think I’m kidding but her and my father sit around discussing the political tensions in capitols of countries I didn’t know existed). We are essentially the same person (except she’s significantly more responsible, focused, intellectual,and driven). Nicole is a sweetheart. Since I’ve moved into my apartment I’ve gotten letters from her every month (and I have yet to mail any of my responses). In a job interview a man asked me what the best compliment I’ve ever gotten was – I thought for awhile and reached the conclusion I still hold months later; Somehow the two little girls who have spent their whole life living with me, who have seen more of me than most people would ever like to, not only love me, but for some reason idolize me. Its a tough standard to live up to – but oh how I try. Back home, we live with my grandparents, and having them a part of my daily life was wonderful. My grandfather is the most patient and caring person I know and Grandma, well, between cookies, and piano lessons, and card games, there isn’t much more you can ask for. I know that God has a plan for each of us, a creature He wants us to become and I believe that He uses families in large part to get us there. To think, a perfect, omniscient, omnipotent being created this world so we could become who He wants us to be – and how did He organize it? By families. Through learning to love them and letting them love me, I have gained a lot more than I realize.
Families are a big thing, but there are lots of little things that make life beautiful too.  Some beautiful things in life that make me happy: a smile from a stranger, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, snowflakes, airports, any clock that says 11:11, cookie dough (homemade only), late night conversations, running in the rain, getting lost in a good book, dancing, getting mail, foreign languages, beaches in winter, reading old journal entrees, laughing so hard I can’t breathe, waking up before my alarm, long hugs, obscure compliments, unexpected phone calls, the look on people’s faces when they open a gift, opening my eyes underwater, swings….
The trick is just to look, because if we want to, we’ll see that there are so many things that make life beautiful.

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  1. Thanks for linking up! It's nice to meet you, what a sweet intro post. You are a lucky girl!

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